1. What is your personality type?

2. Are you male or female?

3. What country do you live in now? What country are you born in?
Live in England. Born in Finland. Im English tho.

4. What cultural background are you?
Umm.. white Christian?

5. What religion are you? What religion is your family?
Ive dabbled in Buddhism. Like to meditate. Wouldnt say Im religious tho. Family not.

6. What career are you in or looking to be in? What are you doing right now to help you achieve this career goal?
Not really career driven. Currently work as a bike courier.

7. What is your friendships like with both genders? How many good friends do you have and why are you friends with these people?
Close friends are all male. I get along with women but no one too closely, other than GF. Im friends with people because... theyre nice to me, most importantly. And they enjoy intellectual debate of abstract ideas. And we have a similar sense of humour.

8. What paranoias do you have?
Nothing really. I dont like to be controlled, or be told what to do or think in any way. Not to a paranoiac level tho.

9. What are your vices?
Tendency towards sloth and sometimes greed. Can lack self control with certain sensual pleasures. Not to an extreme degree tho.

10. What are your fears?
Being hurt by others. Losing freedom, independence. Bears.

11. What is your relationship like with your parents? siblings (if you had any)?
Mum not so great. Everyone else fine, I like spending time with family and Im pretty easygoing.

12. How are you with expressing emotion in public?
Dont have a big problem with it. Im pretty open. Sometimes if Im in a group I'll hold back expressing an emotion if I think its inappropriate or detrimental to the vibe.

13. How do you think people saw you in high school? How do you think people see you now?
Calm, quiet. When I open up: weird, philosophical, kinda funny.

14. What do you see as the point to your life and life in general?
To be nice to people. More generally: to fulfill your potential and thus maximise your usefulness to the human race.