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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    Lol I don't know what you're talking about. (look at the quote again) You just said that your Ti sucks anyway.

    You little devil(ISFP).




    PEACE OUT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    __FPs- How does Fe manifest in you (or it's lack thereof)? How does it clash with Fi? Explain, how do you disvalue it? What about Ti?
    Fe doesn't clash, really. I sort of just emulate Fe style principles by personalizing it and considering them important. For example, I consider respecting my friends to be very important, and part of that is acknowledging their needs are different from mine. So what may be Fe type behavior, identifying their needs and their state, and responding accordingly, really stems from an Fi based root. It requires conscious effort, or I get absent minded.

    I highly value Fe, but I struggle to understand it. It basically takes all the assumptions at the core of my Fi, and turns them inside out.

    Ti is complicated to me, because it can be so similar to Fi in execution. See, both use many of the same mental techniques to organize their world, even though they have differing areas of focus (objective vs subjective). Honestly, I think this is what causes confusion with so many INFPs believing they have strong Ti and INTPs with Fi. At the end of the day, I'll sometimes go on a Ti binge, but it drains me very, very quickly.

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    I really dont use Fe at all. I dont understand social rules or conventions very well and am often oblivious when I offend them.

    It is odd. When young I think I hid as in INFJ shadow state as I didnt understand other people well. I think that version of Fe was telling me "you cant do anything the "right" way" so I just did nothing with people. It was like that version of Fe was either a giant wall blocking out everyone. An INFJ doorslam on the world.

    As I grew into being an ENFP, I became much more open, but without the giant Fe wall, I am too open and trusting. Like a little kid. I dont understand others boundaries as well as I should and I spill into them. Most Fi users are okay with this but Fe users can be very confused by it.

    Now I actually often face what I call the "split brain" problem. Maybe because I use my Te a lot.

    If I have a people problem that should require a fuzzy people problem-I can feel Te and Fi coming to different answers-both correct. Yet not correct from the other perspective.

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    Fe seems to happen subconsciously, whether I want it there or not. When I'm not listening to someone I'll be nodding and grunting along in the right places to the right cues and they won't notice. I don't want that to happen because I spend so much of my time tuning out from things I would rather hear that I need people to notice when I've stopped listening, but it happens anyway. Possibly developed as a coping mechanism, but I have no more control over it than I have over the tuning out process itself.

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    I also view Fi as an internal set of values that I try to maintain. I don't know how to describe it. It is also a sensitive function that makes me easily offended, and I am not afraid to admit this.

    Whenever someone insults me, my Fi overreacts. Afterwords, I have to diffuse it with some other function like Ne. For instance, I will usually rid myself of strong emotion by immersing myself in thoughts like "Why am I being offended? Why is the other person offending me? What did I do?".

    Unfortunately, I often unintentionally give people the "evil eye" before my more rational thoughts occur. Consequentially, many people view me in a light that I wish they wouldn't.

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