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Yeah, that's how I think it works with me and my (ISFJ) girlfriend. I decide most stuff because she seems to want me to, and of course I always try to take into account her preferences when making a decision. This means that whenever there's something that she really feels strongly about, I'll let her do it, because I know that it's really important.

I actually have seen her getting pissed off when I am not decisive enough because maybe there are too many variables to consider. So I suppose that she likes me to take quick, switft decisions on relatively unimportant matters.
That's exactly how I am. When it's time to watch a movie or decide what to have for dinner, I get annoyed if he (ENTP) doesn't make a decision for us. If I'm really craving something in particular then I will decide, but for the most part I like to just sit back and let him take care of details like that. I do get upset, though, if he doesn't take into account my personal feelings when making a decision. For instance, if he chose to put in a sub titled kung fu movie, most likely I would be offended that he chose a movie he knew I wouldn't like. It's sort of like, you can choose but you better choose right, damn it! Poor guy.