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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    Okay I'm not sure I get your perspective here. I get the feeling you're advocating disregarding scales to establish exact position. Correct?

    If I understand the theory correctly we'd need to recognise that people are 4 dimensional, the standard 3 which make "reality" and the addition of time so we remain aware that people fluctuate.

    Am I close?
    It's a matter of perspective. In the French/Italian example, the perspective is that of motion from one place to another. That motion takes time, hence, the language does "change" in time, because you are traversing time and space simultaneously. In one's own frame of reference, he is basically 'still', and things are moving/changing around him in time.
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    I tend to get into circles in my head with ENFJ types and I think it has something along these lines. I can see both sides easily and I get in my head, come up with a response, then see how I would react that way. Its a very strange feeling that can be easily detected. I just go in circles I may be projecting my inferior on an ENFJ which is who they are, but different and it really stumps me to no end.

    I have had an ENFJ post on here that I responded 6 times and delete all six because they all led back to the same issue like a circle. No matter where you jumped in what angle I took I seemed to hit that circle. And everytime I was certain in my response until I read it and then had to delete it. Its like 2 sides of me were in such conflict with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    example INTP cares about intelligence fiercely.. I was wrong in saying it's because they're stupid.. it's more that they fear being stupid and feel stupid at times which promotes them to claim intelligence, try to be intelligent, acquire knowledge/ wisdom and also lay the smack down on anyone who is stupid.
    I went to a small private school where everybody knew how "smart" or "dumb" somebody was, and I had a definite reputation for being smart. I was told this all the time, but I didn't get a lot of satisfaction from it.

    Now I go to a large, anonymous university, and I don't any classes with my best friends, not do I get as high grades as I used to. I find myself valuing my intelligence much more highly, whereas I used to value my creativity. It's like now that nobody is telling me how smart I am, I have to keep telling myself.
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