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    Default What types have influenced your personality the most?

    We discuss a lot about our basic makeup, how we cognitively interact with the world, but environment, who we have learnt from, etc. also play a huge part in personalities.

    What types are the people who have had the biggest influence on the way you think and interact? How have they influenced these things?
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    My unhealthy INTJ family have had the most influence on me, tainted my life perspective, sapped the energy, love and fun out of life for me. Which isn't to say healthy INTJ personalities are like that, just that the over criticizing gets to me and the lack of humour, rigidity in the life that I have had is sad. I mean I look at the place I lived at and it is still as unfurnished as it was 20 years ago, is still as bland and colourless as the 10 year old shirt that is suitably practical.

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    Apparently my ISFJ mother raised me to be much like her. She had her own priorities and her own way of thinking that influenced me all too much. Apparently, as a kid, I was a lot more detail-oriented; up until very recently, I used to be extremely conscientious and withdrawn, too.

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    I'll say mine to get things going also.

    My ISTP sister has probably had the heaviest influence. In everything from sporting strategy to clear communication, outlook on things, pushing the boundaries, writing, etc.

    My INFJ mother has had a lot of influence in terms of principles, respect for others, philosophy, understanding society and people.

    My INTP father has most of the influence in science and maths. Don't be clumsy and jump to conclusions, work through it properly, know your assumptions, define the system, etc.

    And an ENTJ friend would have had a big influence in drive to be practical. ie. know what you are searching for before you get on the net and procrastinate; don't throw away any music, ideas, writing, etc.; believe you can achieve the crazy ideas you come up with, and try to follow through with them.
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    A few of my sentiments:

    I know so many ISFPs it's not even funny. I think I've, to a degree, learned the language of Fi communication through interactions with them.

    IxFJs I've met have allowed me to see a radically different worldview. I'm yet fully familiarize myself with all of the nuances of it, but I'm largely sure that this view has a lot to do with love and compassion; metaphorical warmth.

    One ENFx (probably ENFP, far too long ago for me to recall) I've met allowed me to learn that there are some largely self-righteous people out there that I will simply not get along with easily, especially, if they have some perceived sense of superiority over me.

    From interactions with two INTJs, I have learned that some people will actually appreciate my blunt honesty... some.

    From an ENTJ, I've realized that there are actually some people out there that ENJOY sacrificing people as pawns just for the fun of it.

    From an ESFP that hedonism isn't the strawman philosophy I always made it out to be.

    From an ENFJ that some people don't practice what they preach simply for the sake of "being nice."

    It is now that I realize that I generally have negative experiences with ENXXs.
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    ESTJ mother tried to raise me to be just like her. The way she parented me inspired me to think of something, anything, different to do with my own. She is also extremely driven, and gets whatever done that needs to be done. She excels at damn near everything, and her tenaciousness rubbed off on me, thankfully. She's extremely analytical, and picks everything apart. I do the same, even though I'm an F. She showed me the way I wanted to think.

    ESTJ granddad and ESFJ grandmother were married for forever years until my grandfather died not too long ago. They partied like it was 1999 until the day he got sick. They were really in love with each other and they showed it all over the place. They spoiled my view of relationships and really nurtured the romantic in me. I've never seen a couple as amazing as them. They showed me the way I wanted to love and be loved.

    An ESTP and ESFP really got my mind out of a serious ditch during my absolute low point almost 10 years ago. I've never had so much fun as when I was with them, and at the time, I really needed it. When I was with them, I could actually hear myself think when I couldn't before, and my mind was at ease. I felt at peace with life. I realized how I wanted to feel about how I was living when I was with them.

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    My XNFJ mother has probably had the biggest influence on me. She also is always moving furniture in her head, trying to see how the world around her could be improved. She is my discussion springboard and I find talking to her also clarifies and refines my own thoughts. She is what I would aspire to be - high standards, but not pushing for anything that she doesn't do herself. Uses her time well. Hospitable and welcoming to a wide variety of people, yet with appropriate boundaries. Always learning. Looks down the road. Lots of vision and the push it takes to follow through. Excellent ability to foresee needs and wants in others and willing to make sacrifices for them. Able to speak out when it's appropriate...

    ESTJ ex-boyfriend - helped me to see that when you approach people first and are friendly, they respond warmly. Sometimes people even like you to impose yourself on them. That's affected how I interact. Also showed me what it is like when you are never vulnerable. (Not recommended) Good at being honest and not worrying about how others respond. Probably need some more of that. Showed me the need to find a kind of work where I can be the big picture person, but work with people who are more focussed on details. We were a great team in that regard. Curiosity towards life and need to be competent at things = attractive set of abilities. I needed more push towards learning independently and he moved me along in that direction through his example.

    ISTJ dad - showed me the need to resolve conflict even when it is hard. The lack of doing so caused serious damage to his relationships to other people. Showed me that people can show love in different ways, including through doing things. Hugely supportive.

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    INFP mother, INFP brother (I enjoy Fi a lot and my Fe is toned down because of them) , ESFJ dad (I have some pseudo Si like qualities because of him..crazy strong memory for certain thing sand at times compare things to past impressions).

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    My family is (I think) NT. They encouraged me to read everything, attempted to teach me how to buy stocks when I was in 5th grade, did not try to censor my life (Instead trusted me to know when to stop or when not to), gave alot of lectures about my bad behavior instead of beatings (LOL?) or groundings, did not care that I was not social, and tutored me about subjects 2 grade levels above.
    I am guessing they sound NT, or maybe too distant to type. I was left to my own devices really, they didn't try to inflict their politics or religion on me.
    They also found alot of fun criticizing the people they work with. Having little debates at the table about how so and so was acting like this and needed some sense slapped into her.

    My best friend in elementary school was a INFJ ( I think. Or some other Introverted Feeler) We were total Ying-Yang, She would be the one reading and being a peer mediator , While I got in trouble for sleeping in class or being a depressive loner. I'm not sure what she influenced on me, but we were known together as the two best friends for 7 years.

    When I got to middle school, I started acting out and discovered that people weren't that bad. I was just prejudiced against everybody because I thought I was oh so smarter than them and never made any attempt to even be their friend. I guess that explains how I am a total extrovert now.

    I learned everything from experimenting, listening to other people's point of views, books, and wikipedia. I don't think I really had a specific type to influence me.
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    My (unhealthy) ESFJ mother had a lot of influence over me, as she raised me with the intention of attempting to drive as much of herself into me as possible. Which I suspect is partly why I appear jittery and uncoordinated in person, as until recently I could expect a backlash if I did anything that went against her sense of social appropriateness. It is from her that I first learned the concept of a moral high ground.

    My ISTP brother and I are very similar in a lot of ways, and he's the only one in my family who doesn't take offense to my sense of humour (with the possible exception of my INFP father), which can be fun. He's proven that if you want something enough, not being good enough is never a reason to back down.

    A particularly neurotic ISTJ friend of mine has demonstrated that there's a difference between doing something because you're good at it and doing something because you want it, as she constantly chose the former out of a desire just to know where's she'll end up, regardless of the fact that she may hate it. It's helped me to sort out my priorities when it comes to that sort of thing.

    And, lastly, my INFP best friend has shown me that it's possible to come out of anything relatively intact, as he's been through the most random and undoubtedly frustrating crap in his life out of anyone I've known, and he still has a sense of humour.
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