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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    "You've been interviewing candidates for a job.
    One of them has all the credentials, and scored the highest on all the company-defined criteria for the job.
    Another one of them was pretty good but not in the same league.
    You have a sense about the high-scorer, though, that he's bad news, and that the "so-so" one will work out well.
    You can't point to anything that's led you to this conclusion, you can't justify your belief, but you have this sense just the same."

    My answers:
    1. Yes
    2. The one I sensed would work out.
    3. 100%

    1. Do you trust this unjustifiable idea? No!
    2. Which one would you hire? After much ado, probably the one that I sensed would work out.
    3. How certain are you of your decision? 5%

    And for the record, the one I sensed would work out would probably not work out.
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    I certainly trust what comes out of perspective shifting.
    I mostly trust my unexplainable insight into others.
    But Ni can't do it alone. I have trust what is also logical, what is evident and what is comparable both physically and metaphysically.
    Patterns emerge. Ni helps with the X factor.

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    I'm going to agree with ShortnSweet there

    My Ni isn't just untrustworthy, it's frequently misleading and EVIL I'd have to go through a long list of reasons for and against each candidate and talk to others for evaluating purposes before deciding though... I'm not going to trust my Ni there
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    My Ni is something that I look upon warily. I don't think that I trust it all that much. It is frequently right, however. I have to learn how to embrace my (tertiary) Ni...

    My Ni isn't just untrustworthy, it's frequently misleading and EVIL I'd have to go through a long list of reasons for and against each candidate and talk to others for evaluating purposes before deciding though... I'm not going to trust my Ni there [/QUOTE]
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    In this case of hiring when I get a bad/good vibe about someone I will do research to verify my gut feeling before I make final conclusions. I cannot go by my gut feel (Ni) alone, I need to back it up with more concrete information. I know this because Ni (tertiary) can go over the top and needs to be held in check and stay real.

    For the most part my just knowing doesn't let me down often.

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    I'm starting to doubt if my Ni is as strong as I say it is now, this seems fairly alien to me. I have hunches and gut feelings, but there was never one I couldn't explain. I can at least tell you why I have a bad feeling about this guy. I can at least say he looked insincere or uncomfortable etc. Does this ring true to Ni's, or am I explaining something quite different here? How often do you guys get there unexplainable instincts? Maybe I'm describing Ni just in a less developed way?
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    in the work environment i trust it 100%.
    personal life---i don't know the percentage, it's not 100% though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    ^ I'd say I have a similar me it's FiNe....I'm not entirely sure how Ni would work with me because I don't think it's a top function in my brain. Generally, credentials and criteria is used to justify the FiNe vibes, so I start with the whole impression & then break it down (I don't "score" people)....inferior Te, you know.
    Same here. I'd also draw upon the past, I guess (Si?). Although not in a static way. It'd be coupled with Fi, making some associations with their behavior/pattern recognition. If I had to justify it. I've been right with my impression with people that I've warned friends about before. So whatever function it is, it has worked. At least on my part. In one case, no one listened, and a friend got robbed for it. It's also funny how audacious I can be every once in awhile. I was visiting a friend's place once, and met some guy there, and it wasn't long before I started hinting to my friend to get him to leave somehow. My friend is more of a people person and just deals with stuff as it comes and kept him around. He finally did leave though.. and it turned out that the guy tried to get fresh with my friend's wife in private (and she just wanted to tell me.. she was scared to tell her husband. He might have killed him). The audacious part though is I'll tell someone who they should have at their own house before anything happens. That's very rare though.

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    There's no way I'd choose the less qualified one over the more qualified one just because I feel like it. I'd probably think that feeling was just paranoia and subtle biases so I'd ignore it and hire the the obviously better candidate.

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    I'm starting to think this is why I don't get jobs easily....I look fine on paper, but I give off bad first impressions (too.....odd). My ESFP sister is the opposite - her job history reveals a flaky nature, but her personal charm secures her the job.
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