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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    ISTJ- /

    ESTJ- /


    ISFJ- /

    ESFP- /

    ESTP- /

    ISTP- /

    ISFP- /

    ENFP- /

    ENFJ- /

    INFJ- /

    INFP- /




    INTJ- /
    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Somehow I knew we'd get this one, even before reaching the bottom of the list. At least is accurate.
    @LadyLazarus, @Coriolis --

    First, @LadyLazarus, consider yourself *highly* commended. I particularly applaud the INFP, ENFP, ENTJ, INTJ, INTP.

    One little nitpick, and that in keeping with what @Coriolis said.

    For INTJ, I might consider substituting



    in place of

    Also, for the INTP, may I suggest

    and for the INFP,

    Well done, I say to you, again!

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    Lol, stereotypes.

    I guess I'm:
    -chronically misunderstood
    -an artist/musician
    -a social justice crusader
    -detached from reality


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    Type profiles are basically profiles of stereotypical people of that type. Ofc some profiles say something about cognitive styles of the type which is beyond stereotypes.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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    Quote Originally Posted by erm View Post
    What MBTI stereotypes are there?
    Why are they there?
    How true are they?

    SJ's are seen as rigid and closed minded. However, I would say they are traditional, so if the tradition is to be flexible and open minded, then they will become such. They simply have a strong desire for rules and familiarality, because of this it takes a little more time for them to change their views.

    SFP's are seen as unintellectual. I would try and counter, but all my real life experiences have supported this. I would say that they have a different kind of intellect, but I'm too tired after a long lecture to feel about that.

    STP's are seen as steel hearted. This is how I see them anyway, is this true?

    NF's are seen as whiney, facist, and preachy. Never met an NF like this, they're probably the most accepting of people, especially NFP's. I've always seen them as the people who find it awkward to talk about their views and morals. Maybe that's just INF's.

    NT's are seen as cold hearted and cynical. To which I say . Remember when you pretended to be hurt as a kid to get attention? They're the ones who never grow out of it. Seriously though, I don't know many NT's (2), but one of them is very caring and considerate (to people he thinks are intelligent anyway), the other is all cute trying to pretend he doesn't have emotions, which leads to him not realising when his feelings are showing. During these moments everyone knows exactly how he's going to act, even though he doesn't.

    The best way to see types for what they are, is probably to get the common denominators they share. I've seen loud and violent ISFP's, and non-judgemental, uncontrolling ENTJ's. It's going to be difficult.
    I'm an ISFP. I've always struggled in school but not because I wasn't capable, it was hard for me to focus on multiple subjects at once. I prefer to learn one subject at a time. If I feel comfortable around someone I can be very intellectual and a deep thinker. I usually only like talking to people who I can tell have depth to them. I'm attracted to eccentric and unconventional people. I can talk for hours with those types of people. If someone is pretentious and only interested in impressing me that's obvious to me and I usually won't even try speaking to them. I guess thats a little judgmental but whatever. I have unusual ways at looking at things that people find "interesting". I express myself through poetry better.

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    Heh, the MBTI is based on stereotypes, it's stereotypes of functions, because there's currently no scientific means of explaining and telling the difference between various mental functions. Once you see that, you can have alot more fun with the MBTI. Stereotypes can be used to convey real emotions, real experiences, people reveal alot of themselves by stereotyping on themselves and others. There's alot you can begin to poke holes in - for example the idea that one type is driven by feeling, while other's aren't. Everyone needs feelings, without feelings, people would be unable to even get up in the morning. That said the feelings that drive you towards getting up in the morning can be cold, logical feelings, anxiety, worry over losing your job if you don't show up on time, a sense of duty to feed your kids, and not recognized as feelings, even if they are feelings. The real difference between being a thinker and a feeler is if you're driven by the task-positive network, thinking more about life as a question of performance, ability, and competence, or by the default mode network, thinking in terms of wanting to experience, wanting to connect, wanting to make a good impression, wanting to live up to social expectations.
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