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Thread: Fi vs Fe

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    Fe is like a fuzzy slipper that someone has inadvertently sown broken glass shards into.

    Fi is like a fuzzy slipper of dazzling colours, which someone has tied a black bin liner around....oh also it has a spring loaded the toe......the big one.
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    Fi is scaffolding you've constructed through subjective personal experience.
    Fe is scaffolding you've perceived to exist objectively in the culture/environment.

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    I posted this on another thread, and am too lazy to rephrase:

    Fe statements are often "People should... ", "It's only polite to...", "They should treat him/her/them like ..." (insert a social role, such a mother, boss, leader), "It's not right to ... (insert social statement here, such as "ignore someone when they're speaking to you", etc.)

    Fi statements are often "He/she/it feels...", "Your pet feels lonely..." (My ISFP mother says this all the time about her dog), "They shouldn't treat him/her/it/them ..." ( insert something relating to a feeling/injustice/emotional adjective, such " they are unwanted" or "... like they don't matter"), "It's not right to ..." (in regards to respecting another's feelings)

    I think some (like myself in the past) mistakenly feel anything related to oneself is Fi. But if it's in regards to oneself as a social role, for instance... that's Fe. Such as "They should treat me respectfully since I'm their mother"
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    Had an interesting experience with my INFP friend at work today and wanted to share it.

    She was relating how she was laboring a client and her husband (she is midwife apprentice), and the clients' family kept encroaching on the husband's space next to the wife in labor. The mother of the client was literally taking up the bed space next to the laboring woman and pushing the husband away due to lack of room. The family was also crass and rude and loud, but most of this occurred in the waiting room.

    My INFP friend is very tuned-in to the nuances of environment and the effects of environment upon labor. This is a good thing, but she can sometimes take it too far, ascribing outcomes to environment that I personally don't believe was a factor, or at least not to the degree she believes. She related to me how she felt so bad for this dad, and mom (Fi), that she asked the midwife in charge if she could ask the mother to leave the room. She did, and the mother was huffy toward her after that, though she did leave the room. My friend then said that the dad seemed relieved.

    I told her I personally feel that it is the couple's responsibility to deal with their own family, unless they ask us to do it for them. In that case, I don't have a problem telling the family to vacate for a while, or permanently. But it is not our fight to get involved in family dynamics, as much as we might feel bad for the couple's privacy being encroached upon. It is and was their decision to have whomever they want at their birth. The most we should do, I told her, is to ask the parents if they'd like us to ask the family to leave, but not directly ask the family to leave. Of course, if the family was being rude to us, or inhibiting us in some way that we felt uncomfortable with their presence in and of itself, we would obviously ask them to leave.

    I realized on the way home, I was being more Fe/Te and she was being dominate Fi. She likes to save people and protect them from what she perceives is not good for them. Even when they might not be saying anything at all whatsoever about it. I disliked how the fallout is huffy family members, because they then get offended at us for kicking them out. I just think the responsibility should lie with the couple, and then with us. Not come initially from us.

    So yeah.
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    Fi is staying true to your moral standards.

    Fe is adopting the appropriate moral standards of the situation (manners, etc.)

    Not very helpful I know.

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