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    SEE Fi


    Where are the sensors' descriptions?
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

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    1. How sure are you of your type?
    Varies through time
    2. Do you trust online profiles?
    ...why not? As long as they do their job it's fine

    - To outsiders, may appear to have an aura of self confidence, often mistaken for arrogance by the less decisive (8.5/10)
    - Start to build specialized knowledge systems at an early age, and often have many of these (How early?) (9/10)
    - Know what they know, and are very aware of what they don't know (9/10)
    - Perfectionists (8-9/10)
    - Near endless capacity for improving things that take their interest (10/10)
    - Pragmatic: ruthlessly apply the criterion: does it work? to everything (including social norms) (9/10)
    - Possess the unusual combination of imagination and reliability (10/10)
    Whatever system an INTJ happens to be working on is for them the equivalent of a moral cause to an INFJ; both perfectionism and disregard for authority may come into play, as INTJs can be unsparing of both themselves and the others on the project.
    - Slackers loose INTJ respect (7/10)
    - Have a gift for seizing opportinities that others might have not known existed. (8/10)
    - INTJs typically do whatever they know, and it's typically science based (8/10)
    - Mask their unconventionality with surface conventionality (10/10)
    - can rise to management positions when they are willing to invest time in marketing their abilities as well as enhancing them, and (whether for the sake of ambition or the desire for privacy) (9/10)
    - Find personal relationships difficult (9/10)
    - Capable of caring deeply for others, but usually just a select few (9/10)
    - Little patience and understanding for small talk and flirting. (7/10)
    - Usually extremely private and impassive (9/10)
    - Want people to make sense (10/10)
    - Willing to work at relations (9/10)
    - Use Ni to emulate F like compassion and such (9/10)
    - Characterized by their robustness, stability, and good communications. (9/10)

    - Quiet Exterior (8/10)
    - Hold deep convictions about the weightier matters of life (9/10)
    - Gravitate towards the role of activists, are there for the cause, not for personal glory or political power. (5/10)
    - INFJs are champions of the oppressed and downtrodden (6/10)
    - may fantasize about getting revenge on those who victimize the defenseless (9/10)
    - Find the concept of poetic justice appealing (9/10)
    - Acute to the motives of others, and not easily mislead (10/10)
    - Affable and sympathetic to most, but selective about their friends (9/10)
    - Believe that friendship is a symbolic bond that transcends mere words (4/10)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    Where are the sensors' descriptions?


    In true P fashion, I'll probably write them up when I'm bored later in one huge go...... ooooorrrrrr I could practice some more J qualities and a little bit now
    5 3 9

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    They're on the website ( is what he chose), they are really easy to find. No worries.
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    1. 90%
    2. Some of them are a joke. This one seemed a bit full of useless social info rather than defining traits. Though a lot is true, it is hardly representative of the actual people.

    - Both "Idea" people and "people" people
    - See everything in a bizarre cosmic whole
    7 Want to help and be liked and admired by people
    - Interested in new ideas on principle, then ditch most of them for some reason or another
    8 Zany Charm
    - Unconventional, but despite that, still able to fit in with stodgy types of people
    6 (I'm not that outgoing) Outgoing, fun, generally like people.
    - Towards SOs
    *warm, affectionate (lots of PDA), and disconcertingly spontaneous.
    *sort attention span, short relationships
    2 Easily intrigued and distracted by new friends and acquaintances, forgetting about the older ones for long stretches at a time.
    2 Less mature: may need to feel they are the center of attention all the time.
    4 Strong Convictions
    2 They usually try to use their social skills and contacts to persuade people gently of the rightness of these views; his sometimes results in their neglecting their nearest and dearest while flitting around trying to save the world.
    5 Pleasant, easy going and fun to work with
    - Good at brainstorming
    - Procrastinators
    2 Lack follow-through
    1 Hate Bureaucracy (ie. administration, officials etc.)
    7 Soft Hearted
    - Have a "silly switch", flicker between intellectual and captain wild child.
    - Appear intoxicated when switch is on
    9 Natural propensity for role playing and acting.
    3 Have a 'close enough is satisfactory' attitude (only when it comes to being anal after you already clearly know the answer)
    6 All about friends
    1 Have difficulty being alone
    1 Hasty decisions based on deeply felt values may boil over with unpredictable results. (hasty decisions and NP don't really mix)

    For comparison, and to show why the profiles are crap; they give ENTPs all the Ne dom traits, then leave them off ENFP and make us cute and cuddly and all about Fi.

    7 Clever
    - Verbally, and cerebrally (is that actually a word?) quick.
    3 Love to argue, often to show off their skills
    - Perverse Sense of Humor
    - Enjoy playing the Devils Advocate
    3 Can confuse or hurt those who don't understand arguing as a sport
    - Innovative and ingenious at problem solving
    - Occasionally outsmart themselves
    7 Cut corners with little regard for rules
    - Over ambitious, to the point that it can test the breaking point
    - Fond of toys, the more sophisticated the better, tend to get bored of them quickly and move on to newer ones
    6 Optimistic, but tend to become extremely petulant about small setbacks and inconveniences
    - Major setbacks are regarded as challenges, and tackled with determination
    1 ENTPs have little patience with those they consider wrongheaded or unintelligent, and show little restraint in demonstrating this.
    7 Tend to be extremely genial, if not charming, when not being harassed by life in general.
    8 Capable of bonding very closely and, initially, suddenly, with their loved ones
    4 Appear to be deceptively offhand with their nearest and dearest
    - Good at acquiring friends who are as clever and entertaining as they are.
    1 ENTPs tend to be oblivious of the rest of humanity, except as an audience
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