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    Quote Originally Posted by Yloh View Post
    For me I show more negative attention to ExTJs and Ts in general because of how they just tell you how it is with out considering your feelings. When this happens, I get really defensive and either lash out at them or with draw from them. Behind their backs, I do have a lot of respect for them because they say what needs to be said ending all conflict then and there. These kind of people have a quality that I really try to work on and respect.

    I show a lot of positive attention to xxFPs because they are very kind people in general. My problem with them is how they have a hard time expressing themselves and that can drive me nuts sometimes because I can express myself very easily. I have leaned to respect this characteristic and know they truly care on the inside.
    Yeah, the reason I don't like some (not all) ExTJs is because of their controlling nature and their constant chatter (again, not all).

    FPs are alright in ways, but can't get things done as well of course (again, not referring to every single FP).

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    IME, the most loved on the outside/hated on the inside, tend to be those whom people fear for various reasons (for feeling weird, at odds with, sharing different opinions) , so they have to be 'nice' to as a way to avoid repercussions. It mostly has to do with 'power,' I think. The love/hate facade is even stronger.. to the point that it erks me to know how people can 'pretend' to like someone in front of their face, when they really don't.

    I'm pretty consistent. People I love on the outside are people I love on the inside. I wear my heart on my sleeves (to a personal fault).

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