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Thread: Ni vs Ne Humor

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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Of-Despair View Post
    That sounds quite right, The last joke I remember hearing from an INFJ I know was something like: okay, so a man walks into a bar... *bursts out laughing*
    her: *explains*
    me: discusses technicalities of what a bar is, then makes joke about ogres using bars or poles
    Three men walked into a bar. The fourth one ducked.
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    I have a habit of ranting hilariously.
    Its mainly disecting things like movies that weve(my freinds) have watched ect.
    I also really like messing with people, like going into the middle of a crowd in the mall and then suddenly freaking out "OH MY GOD SOMEON PLEASE HELP ME!!! MY HANDS!!! MY HANDS WONT COME OFF MY WRISTS!!!!!!"
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    I have a dark sense of humor, I'm pretty into black comedies. I like hyperbole, exaggeration, and feigned hysterics. I like when people do different things with their voices for effect, or make animals "talk".

    I can also just be silly and ridiculous. I love John Cleese's stuff from back in the day. I think random, weird stuff is funny. My sense of humor can be mean and twisted, but not totally cruel. There is a point that I think is TOO black.

    So what has this got to do with Ne or Ni? Will someone explain that one to me?

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    Whenever I go out to eat and the waiter asks if anyone would like dessert, my ENTP friend without fail says, "No thanks. I'm driving." ENTP's seem to have go-to phrases/jokes that work for them. I laugh every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    Maybe it's because those types that have Ni as their main preference don't utilize change of expression or tone of voice to let others know it's "joking"...that's what I've noticed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nunki View Post
    Ne humor is random, wacky, and silly, which makes sense when you think about what Ne does. Ni humor is harder for me to tack down. The main thing that comes to mind is verbal irony, which creates an interplay between the literal and intended meaning of your words. In order to understand and use that kind of humor, you have to be aware that words have multiple interpretations and that they aren't to be taken at face value. Ni is what allows you to do that.
    It's kind of true I guess... I have a tendency to make one of two types of jokes. 1) Jokes as dry sarcastic comments 2) Absolutely silly ridiculous word plays. I have no problems with it being called Ni and Ne humor, but I don't think they're necessarily limited to a particular type.

    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    Whenever I go out to eat and the waiter asks if anyone would like dessert, my ENTP friend without fail says, "No thanks. I'm driving." ENTP's seem to have go-to phrases/jokes that work for them. I laugh every time.
    I do that too... coined phrases that becomes more or less inside jokes. Like "You're my favouritest uncle sarcie"
    "I'm your only uncle sarc"
    "Exactly! That's why you're my favourite! You get my joke!"
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    Yes people are always complaining about they never can tell if I'm joking or not, since there's so much subtlety to my humour.
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    ah, the thin line between subtilitysubtlety and poor people skills
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    There is a theory (Berens's) that the 7th function in the "lasagna model" is what is responsible for the comedic view...but the same function can be "deceiving."

    For instance for me, that would be Se, and I really like physical humor over most other things. But I'm also the type that will wear my shirt inside out or backward at times. Keeping a sense of humor about these things allows me to not be too hard on myself.

    For an ISTP, it would be Ne, and they would find protracted inferences comedic or deceptive depending on their mood.

    So I am going to push this theory to the limit. Let's see what sticks.

    Complete list:

    ESFJ/ESTJ -Ni- finds weird/unlikely visions of the future either funny or deceptive
    ISFJ/INFJ -Te- finds strange/improper organization either funny or deceptive
    ISTJ/INTJ -Fe- finds outdated/ineffective social norms either funny or deceptive
    ISTP/ISFP -Ne- finds protracted/ridiculous inferences either comedic or deceptive
    ENFJ/ENTJ -Si- finds lapses in/incorrect recall either funny or deceptive
    ENFP/ESFP -Ti- finds weird/incorrect analysis either funny or deceptive
    ENTP/ESTP -Fi- finds sociopathic/lack of values either funny or deceptive
    INFP/INTP -Se- finds miscues/obliviousness of senses either funny or deceptive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitseleh View Post
    What are some good examples? Would you say Ni is more banter-y and Ne is pun-filled and word play?
    They're both very banter-y.

    Ne humor is based on connecting unlikely ideas/people/things in the outer world into funny combinations/wording things in ways that, through subtext, could be interpreted in numerous different ways. Ne humor is generally implied rather than blunt, but the pieces are always there for you to put together and the speaker almost always wants the listener to be able to connect the dots and discover the humor--after all, it's based on patterns that exist out there in the external world, and would continue to exist whether or not we were here to observe them.

    Example, George Carlin: "I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, 'Where's the self-help section?' She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose."

    Ni, on the other hand, doesn't always particularly care if anyone else understands the humor, because it's based on rearranging internal definitions of perspective and breaking down the assumptions inherent in the way one looks at things. Ni humor is more subtle and rarely displays the outwardly absurd/over the top nature of Ne humor.

    Remember that Ni believes everything is totally a function of perception, so if something's funny to me it might not necessarily be funny to you, and so Ni will sometimes make quiet deadpan jokes that are extraordinarily funny to the speaker, but that there isn't enough even information for a listener to even put it together--but that's not the point, since it's all in the way you look at it anyway.

    A lot of Ni humor is based on poking subtle fun at people who place too much stock in their own arbitrary views of reality.

    Example, Bill Hicks: "My boss always used to say, 'Hicks, how come you're not working?'

    And I'd say, 'Cause there's nothing to do.'

    And he'd say, 'Well, you pretend like you're working!'

    'Well, why don't you pretend I'm working? Yeah, you get paid more than me, you fantasize! Pretend I'm mopping. Knock yourself out. I'll pretend they're buying stuff; we can close up! I'm the boss; now YOU'RE fired! How's that for imagination?'"

    Now clearly, being a standup comedian, Hicks wanted his audience to understand the humor here when he told the joke live--but you can tell that at the time the actual situation he describes was happening, he was sardonically mocking his boss for taking his own view of reality too seriously and he really didn't give a shit if the boss got the joke or not--as long as Hicks himself saw the connection and appreciated it. That's Ni.

    Family Guy is 100% Ne. King of The Hill is more Ni...if that helps.
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