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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitseleh View Post
    Although, one thing to note is that socionics does always line up with MBTI.
    It does? I thought sometimes there can be discrepancies.

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    This description is very accurate for me. I know many people who do not believe that I am an introvert. I like being around other people and I do get stir crazy and drained of energy if I spend too much time by myself.
    But I still am convinced that isfp is an accurate description of my personality type. When I want to be alone, I will take a long walk by myself. I am happy being alone with nature and, if I meet up with people I know along the way, I am still happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    I find ISFPs and ISFJs are often times some of the most social of introverts. I mean, plenty of them can be shy and awkward, but they can also be wild party animals that get stir crazy if left without some form of social contact after awhile. S and F often amount to doing concrete stuff with people, it seems.

    I know an ISFP that will appear like an E to any outside person. People jazz her up and excite her. She used to be a huge partier. The only difference is that she mixes that up with healthy doses of alone time. A fair amount of it, and her mental health revolves around the ability to get it. She goes through times where she is unreachable by the world.

    Not every one is going to notice that, though. The introverted side is 'private', and not for the world to see. It's hers.
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