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    Default Wizard of Oz and Temperament

    For some reason, I keep coming back to this mentally when trying to picture the four temperaments. These archetypes of striving and non-being.

    Dorothy: SJ without reliable authorities or institutions. Seeks to go home where things are familiar.

    Scarecrow: NT without a brain (a "strawman" argument). Seeks to be granted intelligence.

    Tin Man: NF without a heart (it's obvious -- made of metal and heartless). Seeks to be granted compassion.

    Lion: SP without boldness (the image of a "paper tiger"). Seeks to be granted courage.

    Why would I claim that the characters seeking these qualities represent the archetypes most clearly? Well, would we not be most conscious of what we're trying to be, rather than how we are? Who seeks what they already have?

    And think about it, look at what our ego is trying to do with it.

    NT: I analyze things carefully and avoid bias. (Could a stupid/dishonest person do that? See, I must be more than that.)

    NF: I behave compassionately and try to better humanity (Could a heartless/insensitive person do that? See, I must be more than that.)

    SJ: I maintain stability and follow the rules. (Could a belligerent/unreliable person do that? See, I must be more than that.)

    SP: I seize the moment and appreciate life. (Could a boring/timid person do that? See, I must be more than that.)

    So basically, it's likely that however we consciously try to be, is compensation for whatever we aren't unconsciously.

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