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    Quote Originally Posted by stellar renegade View Post
    She diverged into talk about SFPs.
    Who? Me?
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    No, Thatgirl. That's why she started talking about Jeffster.
    -stellar renegade
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    no? haha

    um...yeah me either.
    Hey now.. the implication is that strong J-types make me want to stab myself, and I don't like being around people who make me want to stab myself. It wasn't completely self-evident

    Who knows? Maybe there are some people who like being around people who make them want to stab themselves. Like masochists.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    If he hasn't then he needs to. Duality is an amazing relationship. ENTJs are some of the most gratifying people I've talked to and interacted with.
    wholeheartedly agree

    Except, you know, replacing "ENTJ" with "ISFP"

    and then replacing the plural "ISFPs" with "ISFP" because my SO is really the only one I've typed for sure

    I don't really get the chance to interact with a lot of introverted artsy types in the circles that I normally hang with

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    As much as I truly love my ISTJ friends, a romantic match would be a catastrophe. I had several ISTJ pals. We liked each other because we weren't dating. I can grasp and appreciate them when we're friends, but romantically, I haven't the first clue or instinct about them whatsoever. That blind spot tells me all I need to know.

    If I don't get you immediately, on instinct, it's no good for romantic love.

    Socionics = total garbage, imo. Just about every Socionics pairing I've ever seen IRL has ended disastrously. That whole branch of theory to me is impracticable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    The thing is that I can actually relate alot to NFP types, but ask anyone that knows me and I am ST through and through and very P. We are so different on the surface. Its not an instant click with ENFPs. Its more of a gradual opening up and requires one-on-one interaction so both of you feel comfortable enough to open up. Its more of a psychological closeness which means you gradually let your guard down and your inner person comes out. Its a breaking down the stereotype that you have built up. The difference between conflict and dual is J vs P. Our conflictor seems to be attracted to us. They can do what we wish we could. But after some time we realize that what we wish we could do that the other person is good at finally rears the negative of that trait and it turns on us. It destroys us because we cant deal with that part because its our weakness. Duals have similiar weaknesses as you which allows that psychological closeness. After some time you realize they make it through life using a completely different set of traits than you. They can achieve the same things as there J counter part but in different ways and you dont have to suffer the emotional swing that comes with the other persons strength lining up with your weakness. You still get frustrated, but the argument or discussions dont escalate near as much because it is a much better match in how we argue and fight.
    Agree. My other sister is ISTP, and we seem to have the same adventurer quality, openness to crazy things, drive to go somewhere but not really for show. The thing is for a while I always thought she was most judgmental because she'd correct me on things, but she's taught me more than anyone, and when it comes down to it, she is the most likely to accept I've done anything without judging. She is open minded to reality without really setting limits, which is a very good trait when relating to an ENFP, as is her ability to do almost anything well and understand it. We also seem to have the same interests more than anyone else in my family.
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    there seems to be mixed reactions about duals here....and honestly whats the deal with not getting along with an "S" type? makes no sense.... get your head out of your assess! "S's" arent intellectually incompetent they just look at things differently.I personally think a dual could also be someone who is "N" as well...I'm not surprised when I hear ENFPS really liking INTPS. Or ESTPs with ISFPs.

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    When I dated ESTP it was great at first, lots of excitement. Then I ended up feeling empty around him and he ended up HORRIFIED at my true inner self when I showed it. His pragmatism shuddered violently with revulsion and then he began the "Here, let me help you get over your flaws and then I could truly be happy with you" thing.

    He also liked to play too many games. Adored me when I was cold to him and turned off when I was warm to him. It became too tiresome. Like being stuck on a revolving door or something.

    And ENTP? Respectfully, no thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jixmixfix View Post
    there seems to be mixed reactions about duals here....and honestly whats the deal with not getting along with an "S" type? makes no sense.... get your head out of your assess! "S's" arent intellectually incompetent they just look at things differently.I personally think a dual could also be someone who is "N" as well...I'm not surprised when I hear ENFPS really liking INTPS. Or ESTPs with ISFPs.
    i have many friends who are s types: ISFJs, ISTPs and ISFPs. I get along with them fine on a friendship level, but as far as romance goes I could never see it happening.

    I just recently went on a date with an ISFP and although I wouldn't say that he was intellectually incompetent, he's definitely intellectually different than me.

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    My best friend growing up was an ISFP. We desperately clung to each other for years, while openly despising and admiring each other. We couldn't see eye to eye on anything and she was just so damn fragile, while she thought I was such a bully. Of course, neither was true when I look back on it. In her quest to keep up with me, she ended up in the hospital too many times to count and her parents forbid her to be around me.

    In my quest to keep up with her, I took on her melancholy persona as my own and drank so much that my parents forbid me from seeing her, as well. It wasn't until we were in our late 20s that we decided to call it quits. Enough was enough. We just brought out the negative in each other, without ever actually being negative. We had never once argued in all the years that we interacted with each other - just supported and encouraged each other in our respective destruction.

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    I don't think I have any real life experience with ESFJ's. I honestly don't know how to recognize them.
    My closest friends consist of NF's SP's and NT's. I just realized that I have no "close" SJ friends. However, I have predominately dated STJ's and that works really well for me in a long term sense. I guess I've dated all the SJ's I've met!!

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