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    Question Possible personality evolution from S to N?

    For many years whenever I encountered the MBTI tests I came up as an ESFJ. This has always made a lot of sense to me on both the positive and negative sides.

    Recently, I encountered the test again and decided to take it and got ENFJ. I thought it was just some kind of accident, but I took a different one today and it also said I was an ENFJ.

    I have read up on both and I can identify with both pretty well. To me, the difference between the two is annoyingly subtle. It makes me wonder if I've always just rode the line between the two and have maybe matured to be more N than S.

    I used to be a much more hyper, busy-body of a person... but in the past few years I have really mellowed out. I've always been very people-oriented and people-perceptive... I can usually anticipate what people are going to do or say or catch a "vibe" off of a person to decide whether or not they are the type of person I want to be around. I have been through a lot of personal struggle in the past five years that has changed me a LOT, to the point that it actually kind of freaks me out to see how different I am. I have found this distressing in some ways because I miss the Get Things Done, Make Friends With Every Random Person I Meet, Never Stop Going, "Experience Collecting" side of myself that has been diminished/evolved.

    I've definitely become a little more introverted and less concerned with some of the pointless shit (such as birthdays and holidays) -- though I never used to be terrible caught up in it anyhow. I'm still a real traditionalist, though, and I am anal about making sure that everyone is comfortable and happy in just about every setting. I am definitely the person who is always thoughtful about what SHOULD be done on traditional occasions and will orchestrate events, but I do not generally prefer to be the man in charge (though I often am!) I hate superficial conversation and really only want to talk to people that I can connect to on a more deep level. I haven't become less self involved (haha), but I have become more aware/more jaded when it comes to my output. I have also begun teaching which was something I never liked before, but have started to grow into and develop. I know that ENFJ's are seen as the "Teacher" type. Also, many people in my life right now are ENFJ's so maybe they have influenced me ... bastards!

    I am just curious if it is possible for life to "evolve" your personality type. I think this is really interesting... having read discussions about ESFJ/ENFJ differences on this forum I think it is plausible that maybe my neuroses has somehow switched me! When put in these terms it just seems like a convenient way to describe the very real feeling that I am a completely different person on a subtle, but tangible, core level. Maybe one day I'll be feeling more "S" again...


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    You're probably just developing your Ne.
    Act your age not your enneagram number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinlan View Post
    You're probably just developing your Ne.
    Precisely what I was thinking.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

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