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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Here's my take on it in reductionsit terms.

    People = Nature (Genetics of their Parents) + Nurture (Parental Rearing)

    Children have 50% of their genes from each parent, thus disposing them to ANY hereditary components of type.

    Children are being raised by their parents who are acting out on the EXPRESSED (nature+nurture) phenotype of their own genetics.

    Thus, parent's actions reinforce the transmitted aspect's of their personalities in their children...

    Does that make sense?
    I think you nailed it right on the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saslou View Post
    Hmmm. How did you come to this conclusion?
    If you don't mind me asking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wild horses View Post
    [...] I have wondered perhaps if being surrounded by people who are very organised and like to therefore organise me have added to the extremeness of my P
    It doesn't have be I/E, I chose this because of earlier posts in the thread, it could be SNTFJP. Also, it does not have to be parents, it could be other significant people and environmental factors, in which case, the 'rebellion' can be replaced with 'an attempt impress/fit in, etc' or 'reaction to stressful circumstances' etc.

    To the OP:
    Given your initial 'genetic' personality and life experiences, you may have ended up with roughly the same personality traits and mannerisms as your father. Since it is highy unlikely that you have had the same life experiences as your father, there is no reason to conclude that both yours and your father's 'genetic' personalities were the same to begin with.

    Also, your dad's friend may have found the similarities because he was desperately looking for them, and may have exagerated his memory of your father's mannerisms and traits in his head.

    Get someone else (your mother?) to confirm the friends observations if this is really important to you. 2-cents...

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    Anyone who's had several kids will attest to the clear fact that they come out of the womb with their own unique personality.

    Then they arrive at different times in their parents lives. The parents are growing and changing...often significantly...sometimes in good ways, sometimes bad, sometimes just different. A first child will have a very different early childhood than a forth.

    So we have:
    1.) Different personality elements the kids are born with
    2.) Different interactions with the parents because the parents are changing
    3.) Parents who are dealing with and treating each kid differently, by necessity, due to the children's different personalities
    4.) Different interactions with their siblings and differing numbers of siblings around during their early years

    With all of this you can get very different kids produced and raised by the same two parents under the same roof.

    It once amazed/baffled me how brothers and sisters could be so different. After living it, it makes perfect sense to me now.

    Nature + Nuture, they are both definitely a factor.
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    ^^ That does make a lot of sense.
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    My family:

    Dad - ENTJ
    Mom - INFJ
    Sister (older) - ISFJ
    Me (younger) - ISTJ

    Another family:
    Dad - INTx
    Mom - IxTJ
    Daughter (older) - ENTP
    Son (younger) - ISTP

    So it looks like it's not genetic at least from a few families I know, but you still could have one set in stone for life.

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    There's a longer thread on parent's/children's types, and there was no obvious pattern.

    It could even be to do with nutrients in the womb or anything that helps one part of the brain become stronger compared to another. Once you have a stronger part I figure it develops more, because it gets used more. And a supporting part tends to develop too. I can see it being something that has enough factors that it could end up random though.
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    i don't see it being true

    i'm the product of an ExFJ mom and an xNTJ father, for the record.
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    In cases where both parents appear a very different type from their child, couldn't it be similar to a case of 2 brown eyed people having a blue eyed child because of carrying recessive genes?
    Just throwing ideas out....

    I also thought introversion/extroversion was pretty much proven to be differences in brain function, suggesting it's largely biological (?).
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    Could be, but isn't there that factor of conditioning also? I used to be very extraverted, but after middle school I became pretty introverted. I was nowhere near introverted previous to middle school Also with having an neurotic ESTJ as father and being an ENFP kinda defeats genetics when he enforces SJ on you to the point where you become an SJ yourself (during middle school and high school). So its kinda like Weminuche said, but I also believe that it could be outside factors from peers that can shape you also, not just genetics and parenting

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    Dad - ENTJ
    Mother - ENFJ
    Brother - ESxP

    Me - xNTP

    Hereditary? Maybe. Depends on how you define the term. In terms of cognitive inheritance, certain neurological functions are determined by genetics. Flexibility of mood is often influenced biochemically. Environment is a huge factor. Not from your parents, but from your peers.

    Parental roles matter less than fraternal association.

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