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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJ123 View Post
    the entj I knew would always buy the cheapest nastiest food so he can save more money. I'd rather have my health than have more pieces of paper.
    Yeah, I agree that it's not an healthy way to look at life. There's plenty of cheap good food. Besides, what makes the difference between wealthy and poor is definitely not saving on food
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    There's a list out there of avg. income by type.

    Highest Average Annual Household Income
    (From highest to lowest)

    1. ENTJ (84,434)
    2. ESTJ (76,238)
    3. ESFJ (74,882)
    4. INTJ (72,043)
    5. ENFJ (71,060)
    6. ISTJ (71,020)
    7. ESTP (69,323)
    8. ISTP (67,349)
    9. ENFP (66,210)
    10. INTP (64,872)
    11. INFJ (64,372)
    12. ISFP (64,166)
    13. ISFJ (63,870)
    14. ESFP (63,281)
    15. ENTP (62,960)
    16. INFP (61,565)

    FROM: MBTI Demographics - all types - INTJ Forum

    The list is slightly off in some ways, it just doesn't tell the whole picture. I remember the first time I saw it, not being at all shocked but also feeling like it wasn't at all right.

    I can make MAD money without trying hard. I've hit a point that I haven't really worked in 12 plus years and my education level topped out at 8th grade. All the same, I enjoy my life, when I feel short on funds I apply what I know, make $5,000 to $10,000 and don't think about money again till I can't afford to purchase food. Not an ideal way to live but after over a decade of doing it I figure out what I need and get it. I've sorta learned it all just comes to me and works out. I'm not going to say what I've made some years, you wouldn't even believe me anyway. I will say on the low end, I've survived on $10,000 or less a year. This year in fact, I started the year four mortgages behind on 2 different properties. I got in an accident and got $4,000 out of the deal and I've been going strong since off that money.

    Anyway, back to those figures and this rings true with my thinking. I read that while ENTPs are at the very bottom of the income scale we're also the highest percentage of millionaires. I think it comes down to our money making is a by product of something else where as with other times it's the motivation. That not holding true for ENTPs means we're willing to walk away from a $250,000 a year job we hate to work in a car wash or something seemingly equally insane.

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    i still don't get that data

    do they only type husbands and measure the husband's household incomes?

    so its their wives included?

    but their wives would most likely be a different type???

    and seems like some types are more common in women than men? vice versa?

    something just seems very poorly designed about that study

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    Those pieces of paper will come in handy when you're too old to work and eating cat food because you failed to save while you could still earn.
    I might be eating cat food, but he'll be prematurely dead and probably spend that money saved on hospital bills. I'd rather live well young and suffer when I'm old, compared to suffering when he's young and suffering even more when he's old. Gotta live up my youth nah sayin!

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    I suck at making money.

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