ESFJ - I know what that can't stand the idea of being in a room with someone and not talking

ESTP - very gregarious and jackassish. They're the guys at the movie theater that yell just to hear themselves. They like to push the boundaries of what they can get away with and are thus very E-centric

ENFP - They attract more people than they know what to with
ESTJ - They friend-centered approach is quite odd in the realm of T's. They'll go out of their way to tell an entertaining story.

ESFP - Very outward but occasionally quite reticent with their down-to-earth Te.

ENFJ/ENTJ - Ugh... I don't get out that much. Must be the norm for ENFJ's Our Wille zum Macht is often reason enough for us to detach and wait for the right moment to say just the right thing, a moment that may never come.

ENTP - The quietest and most deep-in-thought people. Well... when they're not asking a million questions. They're very INTP-like, just more spontaneous in my experience. Though, I gotta say they have a magical social quality of talking to whoever that I admire.