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    Default Who Are The Sociable Types?

    I am curious as to which is a better indicator of 'sociability': Introversion/Extraversion or Thinking/Feeling??

    As a case study, I will contrast myself with my sister.
    I'm an ENTP and she's an ISFP.

    My sister has complained to me about how unsociable I can be- spending a lot of time on the computer in my room. I'm primarily a loner and she's far from one. I have more friends than my sister but she forms more intimate relationships with them- while I'll admit in the past, I have seen an attempt of greater intimacy as being clingy.

    She seems to enjoy superficial social situations more than I do but I seem to be more energized by them. I tend to talk to more people and say more than my sister but she looks forward to it a lot more than I do- since it's an opportunity to see family, acquaintances etc.. while I must admit that doesn't matter to me as much. The reason alone that it's family is enough for my sister to have a good time while it's not enough for me.

    People don't see me as quiet but they either see me as a loner or very independent. People see me as social and friendly for that I am engaging and initiate conversation but they recognize that if I'm bored with a social situation and can't do much to improve it that I'll find something else to do on my own.

    People see my sister as quiet but very sociable. She doesn't say much in a large group but isn't very likely to strike out on her own in most cases while I'll do so if I'm bored with a social situation (or at least have the temptation to do so).

    So, do you guys think that being a Feeler is a greater indicator of being sociable than being an Extravert?
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    I still believe that there's a more direct relationship between extroversion and sociability, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so for everybody. You and your sister are very different types, so it's likely that you'll handle the same situation in a different way. Being a feeler will most likely make one come off as being more accommodating to others, but not necessarily better overall at handling social situations. While your sister may prefer to simply spend time with these people and discuss simple things with them, you may be more interested in debate or something along those lines. I am both introverted and thinking, and I would not consider myself skilled in social situations, but that doesn't mean I don't like them or that I prefer to avoid them.

    I noticed that you said a few times that you're a loner. I think there's a very fair chance that your extroversion preference is very low, or you could possibly lean more towards introversion as well.

    I'm no expert on MBTI and I haven't been here very long, but this is what I gather from the information you've provided.

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    This is where I like the way the FIRO system breaks it down: the way we express to and want from others. "Wanted" behavior is basically "people/task" focus, which was the other factor besides extroversion/introversion in older temperament theory.

    E/I would match expressed behavior, and both T/F and J/P would be connected with wanted behavior. In the Interaction Style model, "Informing" communication is described as more "people-focused", and directing communication as task focused.
    In the Keirsey temperament model, SP and NF generally are more people-focused, and SJ and NT are more task focused. Berens linked these pairs with a factor called Motive/Structure. Motive is defined as "a focus on why people do things in order to work with the people they are communicating with...".

    Here's where an interesting symmetry occurs:
    T/F is directing/informing for S types and structure/motive for N types.
    J/P is structure/motive for S types and directing/informing for N types.

    So across the board, T/F and J/P will help shape people/task focus, or how much we want from others. E/I shapes how much we express to them. So sociability might be connected with all of these factors. The E/I + J/P groups were even named the "sociability temperaments" in one type circle. And I figured that E/I + T/F might be more of a "social image".
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