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View Poll Results: which one u prefer: being quickly mature, or youthful again ?

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  • quickly & ambitiously being mature, grown up, & professional in working world

    9 16.36%
  • being mature, but if possible, not too 'professional' & 'formal'

    21 38.18%
  • being youthful again, but doesn't have to be extreme

    9 16.36%
  • heck, i despise being a grown-up!! screw it! i want to be childish!

    13 23.64%
  • this is probably just you, Niki..

    3 5.45%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Maturity is most important for introverts because introverts have something to mature.

    The danger for introverts is, seeing they are not as initially successful as extroverts, that they will try to imitate an extrovert.

    This doesn't work and subverts the slow maturation into relaxed introversion.

    In fact all an introvert needs to do is to learn to relax, and in particular, learn to relax in painful situations.

    But this is easier said than done, but systematically learning to relax puts introverts onto the path to maturity.

    And there is nothing nicer than a mature introvert.
    Well put. Every now and again, Victor, you say something people really should take note of.

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    Well I just left school and I'm working in a big old coporate company for a year and I hate it!
    Because you have to ACT mature. They don't care if you are mature just as long as you act mature!

    So I choose child like!

    tbh I like being a childlike adult (just adult just) better than a childlike child, an adult child or an adult adult.
    "I'd never die for my beliefs, I might be wrong"

    "Is it not enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe there are fairys at the bottom of it too"

    "Intelligence is being able to hold too opposing views in the mind at the one time without going crazy" - Now all I need to figure out is if I'm intelligent or crazy!

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    Hmmm, I don't believe they are mutually exclusive...

    I think what defines "maturity" is confidence, knowing yourself, being unselfish, being able to let go, being aware of the effects of your own actions and taking responsibility for them. What defines "youthfulness" is hope, optimism, not taking life too seriously, can-do attitude, ideals and energy. It's possible to have both

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    I'd like to be 80, personally

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