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    There is controversy about what functions are left or right-brained, but the left brain is linear, detailed, and logical, the right brain is holistic, intuitive, and emotional.

    Therefore, the left brain is ST, while the right brain is NF.

    But the fact that people's brains are wired differently means that the right-brain/left-brain thing is hardly measurable and exists only as a symbol of two different ways of thinking.

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    *nods* Also the whole right brain/left brain thing is based on average tendencies... As in on average people are more likely to use their left brain for systematic/logical processing and right for spontaneous visual spatial.... But the split for the most dramatic hemisphere differences is only 40/60 split... as in 40% of the population use right side more for calculations compared to 60% using left. There's huge individual variability.

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    I have heard 5 theories:
    1) Js are left brained, Ps are right brained
    2) Ss are left brained, Ns are right brained
    3) SJs are left brained, NPs are right brained, SPs and NJs are center brained
    4) NFs are right brained, STs are left brained, NTs have slight right brain dominance and SFs have slight left brain dominance
    5) SJs and NT are left brained, SPs and NFs are right brained

    given scientific research has shown only 5-30% of people to right brained, that immediately negates options 1, 3 and 5

    personally, I tend to think 2 and for 4 hold the most weight, although there are some confusing aspects. I have an ESTP friend and an ENFJ cousin who are both right brained as hell. whichever the correlation is, I am pretty much certain to be right brained as an E/INFP =P being a vocal performance major and entrepreneur, this would also lend itself to being right brained.

    as for the functions, it seems to me that
    Left Brain:

    Right Brain:

    I am unsure about Se, Fe and Ti tho.

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    I remember seeing some picture that stated that left brain is T(front) and S(back), and right brain is F(front) and N(back). it would make sense that F and N would be on same halves since F works quite much like N(not needing straight line of reasoning/observation to understand things) and S and T works quite alike also(needs a straight line of reasoning/observation to understand).

    Also one thing that supports this is that when you look someone in the right eye(that is connected to left brain) you will connect more on the persons feeling side and when you look at left eye, you connect more to his rational side.

    And when peoples eyes are pointing at right side(from their point of view) they are using imagination(up for visual and middle for auditory) or accessing feelings(down). When the eyes are pointing left, they are accessing visual recall(up), auditory recall(middle) or inner dialogue(thinking?)(down).

    I dont think that for example Fi and Fe would be different parts of brains working, i think its the same part of the brain, but it is aimed at different direction from same part(F part of the brains), therefore forming the thought using different parts to aid that F part of the brain
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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