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    General comment: Any human being is prone to making knee jerk reactions in their own mind, especially when tired or stressed. The most one can do is become aware of it. jmo.

    And it's stupid to worry about what definitions of stupid other people use in their own minds. ---Kneejerk reaction!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Back then, I was in a ministry position and felt like I'd lose my opportunities if I made too many waves. I did do quite a bit of e-mail/online arguing though, which was a different social circle than my RL existence at that time.

    Nowadays I don't even see the point because usually people are not interested in a discussion... they usually just want, like a virus, to overwrite other people with their memes. Time has shown me that natural selection will eventually disenfranchise most of these extreme viewpoints except within their little subculture.

    note: I saw your essay (and noted you have others up); I thought you did a tremendous job. I think at one point I had that much stamina, but now it was just exhausting to read (I've only gotten a quarter of the way through), let alone write myself. I will keep chewing off a bit at a time.
    Those were written years ago, and in the last couple of years, I had gotten very tired of the arguing online I used to engage in and no longer have the stamina for that stuff as well. Just beating your head against the wall, and then the faith is preached with such certainty, so the dissension where no one can agree on what the faith is just makes it all harder to have faith. So the essays remain up that I can point others to (and some of my views have even changed a bit since then).
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