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    Victor doesn't use to talk like wildcat... but in the first month he was here anyhow.

    Wildcat influence

    Ummm type.

    When one have no other tools, one must make do with anything on hands. No different than myths anyways... But all of science originates from myths...

    Plus science still can't explain/describe everything. Hence we have other models, of MBTI is one such.

    A model... a tool, to be used correctly or abused.

    I disagree with Victor. It's not the fault of the tool, but the hands that wield it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    Well, type is about constantly refining a framework that was created to define and describe human character and personality, isn't it? That's the reason I began studying it.

    So personality and human characteristics aren't about type, type is a creation that's about them.
    Yes. You enter a store and ask to see a suit.. of your number.
    The type is a number.
    The suits are manufactured in number?

    No. In the store the suits are not manufactured at all.
    There is a professional who manufactures such things, though.
    Only then we have the type that fits the number.

    But it is not standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Of-Despair View Post
    I've been mulling over the extent of the whole theory. Is type just some on the surface kind of thing, applicable to only a few basic mannerisms, or does it extend deep into the mind, where each and every thought can be defined and is unique to your own type in one way or another. Can type explain everything that you do? Does it have any kind of limit?
    Essentially, this is a question of quantity versus quality.

    Qualification does not change an inch in quantification.
    Look at the map. What do you see?
    The measure is not in context with the measured.
    It is wrong then?
    What is wrong?

    Languages is a typology. They speak French in France and Italian in Italy.
    What French? What Italian?

    A national state is a myth.
    This does not mean I agree with Victor.
    Mythology comes handy.
    It is not a good tool. It is the only one we have.

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    It's a tool for reaching to achieve the ultimately impossible: to see yourself as others see you, and to know others well enough that they can always keep their dignity with you and you with them. I believe.

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    She'll tell you it's the only way to be
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    at such a cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    I disagree with Victor. It's not the fault of the tool, but the hands that wield it.
    Seriously. It's like blaming a hammer for bludgeoning someone in the head.. someone's gotta be wielding it.

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    I just see it as a way to understand myself and others better, to be able to see what makes others tick quicker and use that knowledge to be more persuasive. I also want to discover enough about myself to be able to be more natural and free, more comfortable inside my own skin and to find a career that best suits me.
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