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    I think my estp friend summed it up best last time we hit a drive thru.
    He stated that I always know ahead of time what I am going to do, in this case what I would order, whereas he decides in the moment.

    Te by nature is the simplest form of logic and decision making. In it's most basic form it thinks in steps and cause and affect and usually has decisions worked out many steps down the road. That is why many of us who have not developed our second functions sufficiently can seem mildly retarded. I am joking a little but without some Ni or Si thrown in for perspective, we can totally lack any form of creativity whatsoever.

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    The whole problem with the Ps is that they don't understand the Js - Page 2 - INTP Central

    Good explanation about the difference between P and J from someone in intp central.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    As to the concept of J, we find two often mentioned activities: planning and deciding.

    As much as the planning gets associated with J, much planning is done by the real-life P architect, urban planner and the civil engineer. Much planning is done by the WoW Raid player, someone constructing their newest home computer, and anyone trying to finish half triathlon with killer time. Greatly P sport players practice and plan their moves tirelessly. Or, you could argue they never "plan" - what do they do, then?

    Decisions, what are they? Deciding where to eat? What education to take? What purchase to make? Can we then imagine a "decisive" person who decides where to eat each and every time, expresses their firm assurance over the education they've recently started, and saves money to make expensive purchases? Doesn't everybody do something, and aren't actions a consequence of some kind of a decision, forced or natural?

    In MBTI-talk, is "decisive" just someone who intrudes others with their decisions? Or is it someone who declares their decision on something, and appears to keep his/her mind about it? Is it someone who maintains their stated goals despite opposition?

    What do you make of these concepts?

    Could they be made less ill-defined?
    You've taken it too far, it's just a preference of behavior, if you are labeled a J doesn't mean you are in no way P, it means you prefer to use J function more often than P. I'm 51/49 here myself, I only label myself an intj because when I was younger I was alot heavier in the J department.

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