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    You're just getting more balanced. How you mentally function can't change. For example I'm an INFP, no doubt there. But I regularly score as INTP and INTJ, just because I'm balanced. I'd say that this means you're getting in touch with your Ti more and more as you age (especially since you started when you were 17, your Ti should be more developed by now). Or your F side is weak, making you score T.

    Don't worry about it. This doesn't change your MBTI type. If you agree with INFJ you're INFJ, simple as that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EblingMis View Post
    I'm not entirely sure what your point is here, but I am aware of the possibility that there may be German people who don't act like the handful I've met. You're awful literal.

    Hmm, I ought to research into things a bit more actually.
    I would recommend that before you launch into another vapid social commentary.

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