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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    What does "novel links between disparate ideas" mean?
    Check out victor's posts. He's a good example of the extreme.

    btw, this was not meant to be a slam on victor, he just seems incredibly intutive in his posting style, he seems to just take raw N and post it without anyalsis.

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    friendlier than other NT's
    more 'out there' than any J, more talkative than any P, except maybe ENFP but easily distinguished because...
    more pragmatic than the F's
    many friends are misfits but the guy himself seems to cope fine with 'normal' society
    able to see potential concord where most others see only conflict
    says 'not necessarily' a lot
    seems to contradict self constantly
    master of the Gallic shrug

    That's ENTP.
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    Would rather be wrong than agree to disagree.
    wails from the crypt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unconvinced View Post
    do you generate new connections on your own? and what do you do for all of those ideas for which there is no sense data available by which to judge? i don't dismiss T/F or J/P outright but i think they are very muddled and that the questions that are used to determine them are mood dependent (which has been proved in MBTI test-rest experiments among subjects unfamiliar with MBTI).

    what if the evidence is not overwhelming or even completely absent, how do you decide?

    when you intuit something you need no sense data at all to "know" it is true. that's my point! regardless of Ni or Ne, intuition is at heart a-logical, and often involves "knowing" something that both logic and sense data all scream are incorrect but which in fact turns to be true (like the fact that the earth's crust is really a very thick fluid). i would say all N's, consciously or not, only use sense data to bolster intuitions they already accept as true--and only because they have been conditioned since childhood to do so by having to live in a world dominated by sensors. for us, sense data that contradicts our intuition is challenged strenuously before we will let it defeat our intuition.

    for me, it is as if there are color trails on every bit of information that my mind encounters. even when i want to turn it off, she is weaving those threads into endless patterns, most dissolve into nothing but those that don't, those that form a coherent pattern are overwhelmingly, self-evidently, true to me, such that it would take a considerable amount of counter-evidence to defeat the ideas.

    i wasn't trying to insult S's, i hope you were not insulted, if you like i can offer a clue to guessing N's: we tend to be conspiracy theorists =)

    neither sensing nor intuiting is infallible, but as an N, dealing with S's can be really annoying and a killjoy when a great idea takes hold of me.
    Thanks for the explanations. I wasn't insulted, just trying to challenge the parts I thought weren't entirely accurate. I do ask people to back up what they say if they want me to accept it as reality. If it's just like "hey, I had this cool random idea" then, whatever, I can appreciate their imagination coming up with something like that. I tend to dismiss hypothetical questions if they relate to me or my life, because I know myself and my life and if someone asks me a "what if?" that has very little chance of happening, I don't tend to feel like it's worthwhile to discuss.. But somebody having their own mental meanderings about possibilities of stuff or random connections, hey, knock yourself out. I won't be a killjoy, I want you to have joy. I'm all about the love, man. Do your thing. Take it to Oklahoma. And Texas. And Washington. And Oregon. And North Dakota. And South Dakota, AND MICHIGAN, AND ILLINOIS, AND THEN TO WASHINGTON D.C. TO TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUUUUSE.......YEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by animenagai View Post
    SJ's: 'Well, the sign says "Walk"...' BAM!


    N & S I feel really comes out in conversation; S convos go from Point A --> B --> C... N conversation goes A --> B --> F --> L --> C...

    A strong S will be confused as shit when two Ns are engaged in free form chat; a strong N will be bored as shit when two Ss are deep into a discussion.
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    INFJ's - look like ENTJs....

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