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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    I've been unimpressed by the Aussies and Kiwis I've met here to the extent that I've started to feel like I'm prejudiced against those nationalities...
    Even Aussies and Kiwis are not impressed by one another so there is no need to sacrifice your principles, just enjoy our deprecating humour.

    There is so much not to like about us, it is a wonder to us why anyone wants to be our friend.

    But I guess if they know what we really are, they are true friends indeed.

    But by necessity we have made a virtue of getting along with even those who don't like us. And we have found this surprisingly easy and productive.

    And afterwards we kick back on our large, flat, dry Continent and have the hide to claim half of another, even flatter and drier.

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    What people donít seem to understand is that the US is large enough and populous enough that it has developed two brains, or two main philosophical cultures, and thus would be suited better if we were to divide the US into states. This would be like trying to classify Europe (or more accurately the EU) in one MBTI category, and if I were to do that, I would class them as ESFP. Hopefully I made my point, though Iím serious on what I would classify Europe as in accord to my bias.

    I don't see how the citizens of the US are getting ESTJ without any consideration to other factors, I'm guessing others are judging the US based off of it's foreign policy and are painting a picture with that, the people of the US, obviously diverse, but tend to favor F's over T's, and, P's over J's, this I am quite confident in. This obviously differs from state to state, but the more populous states (thus the majority of the US) are ESFP. California holds about 12% of the US population, and ESTJ is almost one of the furthest mbti scores one could come up with for Ca.

    I would break down the US it would be West and East coast (not including Alaska) ESFP with a little ENFP, South ESTJ, Mid West ISTJ

    In regards to England and Sweden, (perhaps I'm suffering from transnational misconceptions myself) I don't see how those two are ISTJ, nothing in those two countries in regards to it's citizens suggest any traditional or authority respecting schools of thought that I can observe. I would denote those two with P's at least, though I donít claim authority in this regard.

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    Finland, ISTJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    I'm just gonna take a guess at the overall culture. not really based on anything, just thowin' stuff out
    Japan: ISJ (mostly) INJ (some)
    America: ETJ (corporate), EFJ (liberals), STJ (conservatives), ESP (jocks), ESFJ or ESP (cheerleaders), STP (blue collar workers), ESP (general black culture), ENFP or INTJ (libertarians)
    Spain: ENFJ or ESFP
    France: FP (probably ESFP)
    Italy: ENFJ
    England: ENTP
    Australia: ESP
    Mexico: EFJ
    Germany: ISFP
    Greece: EFJ
    Russia: INT
    I don't agree with too many of these, no way Germany is ISFP. Germany is the quintessential Guardian country; rules, rules, rules; very organized, perfectionist and efficient; not rocking the boat but trying to keep things as they always were; insanely security concious; worrying too much and being pessimistic, thinking about everything that could go wrong and trying to avoid it by creating more rules.

    I would say the country is ISTJ with a good portion of N thrown in. German culture, media etc. also has more depth to it than I have seen in other countries, we have a long history of world-renowned intellectuals, musicians, writers, artists etc, Germany used to be known as "the country of the poets and the thinkers".

    Also England is not ENTP, unless alcohol is involved the English are socially uneasy introverts, some of their main characteristics are reserve, understatement and keeping up a culture of politeness (in contrast to Germany where people just tell you exactly what they think since they consider being truthful far more important than being polite or inoffensive) I would say ISFJ for England though I think there might be a lot of P in there, they are definitely far more P than the Łber-organized Germans.

    And Greek people are not Js, they are very spontaneous, they somehow pulled off these 2004 Olympics gloriously despite having started to build everything at the last minute. Also applying rules to Greek traffic is difficult, their way of driving seemed very P to me They are also very social and hospitable, can be pretty rude, loud and outspoken (and I live in London which is a tough city, but people here are just more polite and considerate than most people I have met in Greece) but they are also not easily offended. I would say ESTP perhaps with some F thrown in there.

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    The quintessential ISFP nation must be Belgium
    Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

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    Just some guesses for the US

    South: ESFJ
    Midwest: ISFJ
    Plains/Mountains: ISTJ
    Midatlantic: ESFP
    Southern California: ESFP
    The rest of the Pacific coast: INFP
    Southwest: ISFP
    New England: No idea
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    I love the USA but clearly after the country was conned by Bush's emotional plea after 9/11, we still are stuck occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, the Patriot Act still is substantially enforceable and the fact Faux News is still running strong seems clear to me that the US culture is now xSFJ. The founding fathers however seemed to be much more NT.

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    Hungary = ESTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happyman View Post
    Wow... Netherlands? I find it quite shocking.

    I'd go with 'N'. I remember a huge psychological/sociological experiment in which the people from different countries were shown paintings and based on this the 'ultimate' painting for the country was made. Long story short, the Netherlands were the only ones who ended up with an abstract painting! (and that's very 'N' ).

    Not the Netherlands...
    Face it, we got quite effed up the last few decades. I have no clue how we became this way. All I know is that it's just a shame, I agree.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    I love the USA but clearly after the country was conned by Bush's emotional plea after 9/11...
    Ever since Adam and Eve named the plants and the animals, the first duty of a leader is to name.

    And your President named the enemy.

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