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    About a year ago I took all the descriptions I thought were valid, from any typing system and I mashed them together, deleted all the stuff that didn't relate and edited* it to make it pretty and readable. It was quite a learning experience.

    I used...
    VIA Strengths
    Big Five

    I've learnt a lot about myself in the past year so I think I'll do it again. And you can too if you want... Link to the description sources you use.

    *to the best of my ability

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    Quote Originally Posted by greed View Post
    Mostly a shameless copy/paste from my signature, but.. nonetheless, these descriptions fit me pretty well:

    Socionics: ?? (ILE)
    Socionics: ?? (ILE)
    Enneagram: Type Three
    PersonalDNA: Benevolent Inventor
    SLOAN: Primary Inquisitive
    What I did was, I got all those descriptions. Copied them into word and then deleted the stuff that didn't relate. Rolled my own description so to speak.

    Sorry, I didn't explain myself well.

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