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    NJs are system-builders (Ni) while SJs are system-upkeepers (Si).

    As for Ps, NPs are data-driven theorists (Ne) while SPs are data-driven pragmatists (Se).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TaylorS View Post
    NJs are system-builders (Ni) while SJs are system-upkeepers (Si).
    ^^ That describes my experiences. One of my good buddies is an eNTJ, and we make a great team. He'll always have ideas and I'll make them more practical and ensure they're followed through to maximum efficiency.

    Another note I've observed for experience (You can tell I'm an SJ from how much I refer to experience, can't you?) with that eNTJ is that NJs are more future-oriented, while SJs are more present/past oriented. When faced with a problem, my immediate attention goes to fixing the problem, while he goes straight to contingency planning mode. He's always away trying to plan for possible situations that could stem from the initial problem.
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