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Thread: Typing others

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrldisquiethere View Post
    How do you determine what you think other people are?
    Simple. I convince them to take the test. That's the right way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrldisquiethere View Post
    I typed my mom as an ISFP and as I read the differences between the letters to her and then the ISFP description she agreed. So that was successful.

    However. I also typed my boyfriend as an ISTP. There were a couple of those letters I was a little unsure of...I knew the T was a definite, but the others were a little iffy. The ISTP description seemed to fit him very well so I settled on that. But then when he took the test he come out an ENTJ. I was off on three letters! However, I did read that ENTJ's can sometimes appear as ISTP's because of the Se function, so that made me feel a little better, as did the fact that he tested very close on E/I, S/N, and J/P. Still! I was surprised that I was off as much as I was.

    It might come more easily to me if I knew more about the functions, but I know barely anything about those. I'm also not super familiar with the descriptions of each type--there are only a few I really know.
    i know what you mean. my husband is a fucking enigma when it comes to typing him. he always tested as intj and the intj type description fits him well (but mostly in work mode--he's a programmer--and prefers to do software architecture), but istj fits him better. i've also wondered about him being istp because at times, his spontaneity really shines through, and he was kind-of a daredevil in his youth. but i think he's growing out of his istp-ish-ness. his dominant function is definitely Se, and i say he puts the 'Se' back in sexy. haha. (my intj son actually made that up for me, he's intj and very witty). so. if i go by functions that would make him an 'estp' or 'esfp' but he's in no way, shape, or form either of those. so i just have settled on him being ixtj with a well developed Se and Ti (his auxiliary function).

    my daughter usually tests istj, but also intj. she's very sensate, but intuitive also. the istj fits her better, but she's only 13. over time it will be interesting to see how her n/s ratio falls out.

    i was intimate with a guy that tested istp, and seemed mostly istp in the needing personal space ways, and other ways. but as i got to know him better, i think he's maybe more isfp.

    i think some people just have close functions and can almost go both ways, depending on the situation. and i think that's a cool thing. my husband can be my dependable istj, my intellectual intj, or my fun-loving istp.

    i can be the airy-fairy-head-in-the-clouds-and-loving infj, or the super-organized-multi-tasker intj.

    i got the book functions of type recently, and forget it to point you in the 'right' direction for typing. i think it's neat to be able to line up my functions, but beyond my first two, it doesn't follow john beebe's hypothesis for typing. and not even the first function matches for my husband. and other, wiser, typers on this forum have said that doesn't really work for them either.
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    first pass is base oppositions.
    second is cognitive functions, dominant and inferior are stressed.
    third would include narrowing it down to like types, types that either look like each other or share the same cognitive functions in different order.
    fourth is listing people who remind me of/share resemblance with said person.
    fifth is an intuitive leap of left- vs right-brainedness.
    sixth is all gut instinct.

    i find N-S to be pretty easy. actual interaction makes this easy, especially with social dynamics. it's all in the leaps.

    P-J is next. extraverted judging-introverted perceiving or introverted judging-extroverted perceiving. left or right brained dominant. this tells more than T-F immediately does.

    T-F is not easy. at this point i'm guessing both cognitive judging functions together and kind of averaging my sense of type based on the first two functions. lenore says these provide the base of any type, and i'm kinda going with that for now to see how it works. developmentally it makes a lot of sense to me.

    i may consider child development as well and try to get more information. 12-13 years auxilary, 20ish tertiary, 35ish inferior.

    i also always try to narrow down enneagram types for clues as to correlations between enneagram and mb type. or to understand how something would be expressed differently with a specific ennegram vs my kind of changing set of expectations.

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