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    Black Rose Krim13's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    4w3 sx/sp
    LII Ne


    I don't have a mom.. but she gave off an INFP vibe back in the day
    Dad: ESTJ


    My best friend who's a nerd and huge gamer: ISTJ - INTJ (got both results)
    My horror loving advice giving friend: ENFJ
    A friend I got used to over time, cracks crude jokes all the time: ENFP
    My friend who's like a brother to me, competitive: ESTP
    My close female gamer geek friend: INFP

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    From the top of my head:
    Dad: ISTJ
    Mom: ExTJ
    Brother: ISTJ or ESTP
    Another brother: INTP
    Sister: ENFJ
    Fiance: INFP or ENFP

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    Junior Member CamilaVanilla's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    3w4 sx
    IxE None


    I am an ENTJ.

    Mother: ISxJ
    Father: ISfP.
    Younger Brother: ISTP. For context, he's just a year younger than me.
    Paternal Half-Brother: IsTJ. For context, I didn't grow up with him (other than short-lived annual visits). I don't wanna math right now, but he's a few years older (~2-3 years, probably).

    I also spent a lot of my childhood hanging out with my aunt (my former role model), who I believe may be an ESFP, and my cousin, who I think is a quiet yet socially-involved xNFP. Anyway, these are the only consistent people in my life. Even the aunt and cousin, I rarely see these days, and based on my track record with my relationships, I probably won't stay in touch very well with my immediate family once I move out. Though that's not really relevant.

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    Dec 2015
    6w5 sp/sx


    It's been a while so I'll redo this.

    Mom: ISTJ (acts like an ISFJ in public because of Si)
    Dad: ENTP
    Boyfriend: ISFP
    Best friend: INFP
    Friend #2: INFP
    Friend #3: INFP
    Friend #4: ESFP

    I seem to attract Fi.
    Previous username: EliaBlack

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    Mar 2016
    9w1 sp/so
    LII Ne


    I'm a INxP
    My parents are ENFJ and IxFP
    My brother is an xSFP
    My friends types are INTJ,ENTP,INFP,ENFP,ISFP,ENFP and ENFJ
    I seem to attract Fi,Ne and Ni.

    Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?
    -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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    also not a cat Snickie's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    954 sp


    Me: IXTP

    My mom: INFP with surprisingly well-developed Te (I've actually considered ISFJ for her but INFP still might fit her better)

    Her brother: IXTP. Seriously. I'm kind of a clone of him in some aspects, namely Ti-Fe. We are (were) both lazy procrastinators, both band geeks, both interested in natural sciences, both with terrible people skills, both have appreciation for the finer things like sushi (once I took him to a sushi place near my house and the bill between the two of us came out to be $150 after tipping the waitress and the chef).

    Her sister: no idea

    Her dad: not sure.
    He could be ESFJ (very social, very nostalgic, likes discussing the ins and outs of Catholicism and telling stories to everyone who'll listen)
    or ISTP (antsy if he's not doing anything like building bookshelves and maintaining his vegetable garden, wants to know how things work)
    or maybe ISFP (artificially suppressed artistic nature due to nuns tearing up his painting of the baby Jesus because it was "blasphemous" for not including a halo?, quietly stubborn about his personal beliefs with or without factual evidence to back them up)

    Her mom: ESFJ - easily butthurt, people's opinions are everything to her; lives in the past and how she used to be so gorgeous, has almost every disease you can think of, special snowflake and wants you to know about it. Can tell you how to fix every problem ever, has an opinion on everything and she will have you know about it.
    Actually she might be ESFP. Possible unhealthy Se - tends to splurge money on things she doesn't necessarily need but has convinced herself that she does, and then yells at my grandfather for splurging. Upset that she doesn't have the kind of married life she always wanted and blames my grandfather for everything. Nothing is her fault.
    Either way, she's very unhealthy.

    My dad: says he's INTP, but looking back at the little I know about his growing up, I sometimes have a hard time seeing it (strong Se user?). Looking at him now only though, I can definitely see it.

    His mom: ESFP - definitely Se dom. Rebellious, angry child, tert Te makes her controlling, inf Ni convinced her it's too late to save her soul so she might as well do the fun, shocking stuff. Hedonistic.

    His stepdad: ISTP or ESTJ. Likes his alone time, bad jokes that he'll tell forever and ever, unafraid to fire his workers if their measurements are off (contractor), bad at everything F-related

    Friends (mostly my own suspicions):
    INXJ. Not sure if TeFi or FeTi.
    not sure except her stack probably includes Fi (strong moral compass), Ni (at least, she reads me well, and some people would consider that a feat), Se (strong artistic streak), and Te (values efficiency and tangible benefits), not sure what order except likely not Se-dom

    Lot of sensors in my family, except for my parents who both identify as Ne-aux for some reason.
    Accidentally offensive

    MBTI: IxTP (Ti-dom, leaning on Ne-aux)
    Socionics: idek anymore. SLI, ILI, LII....
    Enneagram: 9w1 > 5b > 4w5 sp
    Alignment: Neutral (inching toward Lawful neutral)
    Temperament: Phlegmatic/Melancholic > Sanguine (online persona) > Choleric
    Johari and Nohari

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    Apr 2016
    8 sx/sp


    Me : ENTJ
    My gf : ESFP
    Well, me and my gf's relationship is certainly not an easy one. But because of my domineering and forceful personality i can always control and lead her to understand and even adapt to the way i live, think and how i see the world; and also maybe she appreciate all i've done to get her so i got her respect very very well. Especially since our sexual life is always amazing

    Dad : ENTP
    My father is an unique case. Maybe because midlife crisis beat him so hard since the last 12 years he seem to adopt an ESTJ-ish persona a lot. Sometimes he looks like an INTP as well. But he's neither as serious as an ESTJ or as clumsy as INTP(no offense). He's basically playful, funny, eccentric, not taking things too personally, smart-talking, likes to debate and much like an ENTP, he's so easily get bored that he could never hold a single job for long. He also seem bored to be a husband and a father. Lol.
    Mom : INFJ
    Sister : ESTP

    I kinda feel pity for my mom anyway. She's an introvert in the middle of extroverts and sometimes, she complains how she feels so left out in the family. Lol.

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    Apr 2016


    Me: ISTJ
    Mom: ESFJ
    Dad: ISFP
    Sister: INFP
    Best friend: ESFJ

    I really need more thinker friends. Sometimes I hurt my family's feelings with my humor. It's kinda annoying. Lol

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    Junior Member MattHerman's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    5w6 sp/sx
    LII Ti


    Me: INTJ

    Mother: ENFJ

    Father: INFP

    Maternal Grandmother: ESTP (most likely)

    Friends: I have two INFJ friends and an ISTP friend.
    Enneagram: 5w6 sp/sx
    Tritype: 583
    Big Five: RCOEI
    Soul Type: Thinker
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Political Views: Centrist
    Religious Views: Agnostic

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    Junior Member leictreon's Avatar
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    Apr 2016
    4w5 sx
    EII Ne


    Me: INFP
    Mom: ESFJ
    Dad: xSTP
    Sister 1: ENxJ
    Sister 2: INFP
    Sister 3: ESTJ or ESFP
    Brother: ENFP
    Best friend: INFP
    Another good friend: INFJ
    Drummer friend: xNFP
    Fi - Ne - Si - Ti - Ni - Fe - Se - Te
    Enneagram 4w5-5w4-9w8 sx/sp
    EII-Ne (INFj)
    Chaotic Good

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