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    Oh, yeah, my boss is ENFP, too, btw.
    She's a hoot. I don't know another way to say it. She's a lot like my dad, if he had gone to college and earned a Master's Degree. She's witty and bright and well....very much like my dad.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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    Their types are guessed as none of them have a clue what typology is and have no interesting in learning. I believe I'm the only intuitive in my close family, but I think an uncle of mine is (strangely enough, us two are also the only ones that are left handed and enjoy composing music) and my mother possibly too. They think I'm insane or something most of the time, or think I'm being cryptic or "awkward".

    Mother - IxxJ 9w1
    Father - ISFP 4w3
    Sister - ISFP 3w4
    Best friends - 2 INTJs (5w6, 9w1), ESTP 7w6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ene View Post
    I thought my dad was pretty amazing. He was one of those people who never stopped seeing the wonder in the world. He died last year from cancer...rather, I like to say that he walked out of this world. My dad was a dreamer and a man of strong faith. It was this ability to dream and to believe in what he couldn't see that kept him going when my mom died and my brother died unexpectantly within a two year time period.

    My daddy was a feeler and I don't think that made him any less intelligent in any way. It only meant that people were willing to listen to him when he talked. People loved him because they knew he cared about them, cared about what happened to them and took a personal interest in their lives.

    He was the son of a Mexican sharecropper and a poor Cheorkee woman. Both cultures valued "feelings" as being highly important, more important than either education or intellilect in the traditional western sense. Both valued the power of stories to connect families and tie generations together. My dad believed that if you stop the stories, you stop the very thing which makes a people, a people. He never wanted us to forget who we were. Although, he sometimes embelished his retellings!....okay he embellished LOTS. Still, he brought something to our family from the cultures of both his parents. He brought stories. Every night he gathered us around the kitchen table and he told us stories, family stories that had been handed down for many generations. And over at the country store [cause we lived in rural Appalachia] he would have everyone in stitches with his often made-up tales. My dad could make a tale up at the drop of the hat and make it absolutely believable!

    He could charm the ticks off a dog! Seriously, everyone liked him.

    He loved to joke around and was known for being a bit of a prankster. He loved comedy and our house was always filled with laughter because of him.

    He was hilarious and he loved "junk". My sister [ESTP] used to tease him and call him Fred Sanford. He was always jumping from one 'scheme' to another and some of them were just funny. It's a good thing my mom was so patient! They loved each other fiercly. He was passionate and Momma was devoted.

    Daddy was also creative. He made things with his chainsaw and he always put the needs of his family above himself. He wasn't the most careful of 'artisans' though. His work often had a rough edge to it. His tables would have one leg shoter than the others or his eagle would turn out looking like a chicken and Momma would laugh at him. Then he'd set out to prove her wrong, only to have something else catch his attention. So we always had a bunch of "it seemed like a good idea at the time stuff" lying around our house. I didn't care. When he brought those ponies home in the car, it turned out good. When he hauled that port-a-potty around the county courthouse, it turned out okay. Oh, and when he decided to rasie hogs, that turned out okay, too. He was always doing something.

    Oh, and he was real big on "blood". By that I mean that if one of his family members got in trouble, he was there, no matter if it was that person's fault or not.

    I will never forget that one time he looked at me and said, "Sis [he called me that], you're not like other kids. You're the weirdest child I got, always sitting around reading books and stuff, but you got a lot of sense. When you grow up, I want you to write our story. You write it in a book."
    I told him I would.

    So, I guess the best way to sum up life with my ENFP father is to say that it was one heart-felt adventure after another.
    Your dad sounded like a wonderful person...honestly, that post sounded like a fictional story...with a great Father character and an understanding introvert reflecting his beautiful life
    That description of your father reminds me a bit of Samuel Hamilton from East of Eden...whole hearted and with a love for life!
    Thanks for opening up about your family with me.
    I would love to read that book when you write it.

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    You are welcome. It is all true. I promise. ENFPs can make absolutely great parents. I wouldn't have traded mine for anything. I love ENFPs, because my life would not be what it is without my favorite one
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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    if you don't mind me kidnapping the questions:

    Quote Originally Posted by megeetaytay View Post
    Hey, my dad is an ENTJ your dad hard on you?? Do you have a good relationship with him? I'm just curious because I find my ENTJ dad extremely hard to please...something about the N rather than S gives him high standards but no definite rules or it's always a guessing game on how to please him. Do you feel the same?
    i experienced a similar state with my father (though INTJ), and with a bit of irony, the best way to please him was not to try doing so at all, let him see you become your own person, and he'll stand in awe as the well oiled machine he happens to love runs on it's own doing it's own thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by megeetaytay View Post
    Mind me asking what it's like having an ENFP parent?? I don't know any ENFP adults...and I'm curious what they're like!
    overall, i'd consider my mother a fairly good parent.
    as the saying goes, "the trick is to deal a softer punch", and she has done that very well - correcting for her own parent's behavior, and as such, i never felt neglected or discouraged. much of her judgement as a parent was very well thought of.

    the areas where i disagree with her stem from who she is as a person more then as a parent:

    while she has always being there when needed as a security net, she is exceptionally oblivious to pragmatic realities, which makes it a struggle to bounce back on your feet from that security net. by pragmatic realities i mean things like bullying in school (whose fighting back i had to hide from her), social life dynamic (which she has sabotaged multiply times), and even basic financial realities (she actually thought that me not joining expensive family vecations she wants us to take is a passive aggressive reaction for her asking that i'll pay my way, not able to understand the concept of limited financial instruments in my disposal).

    Fi is an issue, because her empathy is limited to a range of experiences she can understand, and she grew up in a cocoon from a lot of norms & stresses, she does't understand the concept of financial struggle. having had economically successful husband (my dad) and father (my grandfather), she devoted herself to studies and has barely earned a cent her entire life, and yet i was expected to start from sketch, and now so is my sister. it feels like being a spoiled brat to complain about it - i grew up with enriching extracurricular activities & so much traveling that i can only dream about being able to providing my own son with and so would most parents - but the reality is that i could make a lot less sacrifices if she would back me up, not only would i have easily being able to provide all of that for my son right now rather then having him wait until i am done with my studies & sufficiently successful, but i would have much better chances in my current divorce proceedings, and she would not be the slightest bit worst off for doing so. i'm not entitled for getting that backup anymore then she is entitled for what she has, but the simple reality is the family as a whole would gain a lot more and suffer a lot less if she wasn't so narrow sighted.

    last but not least: her newly-bubbling inferior Si is becoming a pain in the ass, which wouldn't bother me so much if i didn't know about MBTI, but consequentially i understand that since we are both Ne doms, i have a little SJ growing in me too, and that early external sighting of the little fuzzy ISFJ inside of me scares the crap out of me.

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    Me: INTP

    mom: INTJ
    Dad: ISFJ
    Stepdad: ISTJ
    Brother: ENTP

    (I am sorta gambling on my dad and bro - my bro is still 11 and I his big 'example' so he's bound to be near my type)
    That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet~~ Shakespeare W.
    Pi is the number of my life, forever and ending.
    Reading is like meeting a new world, or even better: the world that is supposed to be.

    5w6 (60%) OR 7w6(40%) (I get both quite a lot on tests) Chakra: Root, Throat, Third Eye, Crown (open) - Rest (closed)
    Trifix: 5w6, 1w2, 3w2.
    INTP: I(87,5%)N(74%)T(91%)P(56%)
    Ti - Ne

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    Father: ENFP
    Mother: ISTJ
    Oldest Sister: ENFJ/P (she tiptoes the line)
    Brother in Law: ISFJ
    Second-oldest sister: ISFP
    Me: ISTJ
    Younger Sister: ESFP
    Youngest sister: ESFP (probably)

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    As a general guess on what my family member's types are.

    Brother: Some sort of Feeling type? He plays up his emotionality quite a bit compared to me. He'd likely test as a T type, but I think he plays up his emotions and evaluations to be that T-ish. I am the least confident in his type though.
    Sister: ESTP with an ESFJ persona. Her inferior Ni issues are so glaringly obvious. Very extroverted to the point where she belittles my brother's introverted girlfriend, and assumes that she hates my sister because the girlfriend is shy.
    Mother: ESTP ESFJ or ENFJ. I have no clue though. I just think she is pretty damn Fe though. Pretty 2-ish from what I know.
    Father: ENTJ. Tests as an INTJ, but I am fairly certain that he is an ENTJ, though I could be wrong. I think he's pretty intuitive though, based on the fact that he always tells me to not believe everything that other's tell me and such.
    Phelgmatic-Jewish-Communist-Islamic-Transethnic-Asexual-National Socialist

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    Mom - ESFJ 2w3
    Dad - ESFJ 6w7
    Sister - ISFP 9w8
    My best friend is an INFP 2w1.
    I really like cats and food.

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    9w1 so/sx


    Dad: ISTJ (confirmed) with exceptional Fi (IMO)
    Mom: is mentally ill. (er, also confirmed...heh)
    Oldest/me: IxFx (ISFJ? I dunno.)
    Second oldest/sister: ESFP (guess)
    Second youngest/brother1: ISTP (guess)
    Youngest/brother2: INTP (confirmed)

    Boyfriend: ISFP with strong Ni. (Had originally thought xNFP, but SeNi fits much better. Best guess, as he doesn't "believe in types" and so refuses to test.)

    Boyfriend's wife/my FWB/friend/hard-to-describe-our-relationship-but-we-are-close person: ENfJ (best guess)

    Boyfriend's wife's boyfriend/my former fling/friend: ENTP (guess)

    Boyfriend and boyfriend's wife's roommate/my friend: ISTP (guess)

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