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    Junior Member epitome's Avatar
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    May 2012
    1w9 sp/sx


    Me: INFJ
    Mother: ISFJ
    Father: ISFP

    So I spent my childhood in a household of Introverts? Explains a lot. =P

    Oh, and I meant to add.. I think almost all my close friends are of the ExxP variety. Does that make sense?

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    May 2012
    9w1 sp


    Me: INFJ (on most of the tests)

    Dad: IxFP
    Mom: ExFx

    Older Borther ISTP
    Older Borther ESFP
    Younger Borther ISTJ
    Younger Sister ENFP

    All are typed by me but I´m very certian on my siblings.
    Imagine ALL the people

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    Apr 2009


    Dad: ISTJ
    Mom: ENFJ
    Sister: ESFJ (maybe)
    Me: ENTJ

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    Senior Member The Great One's Avatar
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    Apr 2012


    Me: ENxP
    Father: ISFJ
    Mother: ESFJ heavy Ne
    Brother: INTx

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    Junior Member Demy's Avatar
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    May 2012


    Me: ISTP
    Father: ISTJ
    Best friend: INTJ

    Not sure on my mother or siblings. They either never took the test or never told me the results and I'm not very good at typing others myself (yet).

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    Jul 2010
    2wX so/sx


    Me: INFJ
    Mother: ISFJ
    Boyfriend: ENFP
    Best friend 1: ESTJ
    Best friend 2: ISXJ

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    Secret Sex Freak Hazashin's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    6w7 sx/sp



    Me: INFP 6w7 Sx/Sp (instinctual variant questionable)


    Mom: I dunno, she died when I was 4. From what people tell me... ENFP 7w8 Sx/So
    Dad, (40): ESTJ 6w5 So/Sx (somewhat disintegrated to 3, counterphobic, projects his Sp-last-ness onto me, idolizes 3s for some reason)
    Youngest sister, (11): ESFP 6w7 So/Sx
    Younger sister, (15): ENFP 8w7 Sp/Sx
    Older sister, (25): INFP 8w7 Sx/Sp
    Older aunt, (37): ESTP 2w3 Sx/So
    Younger aunt, (33): ESTP 7w8 Sx/Sp (serious Se/Fe loop going on, also VERY hedonistic and histrionic)
    Grandmother, (59): ESFJ 2w1 So/Sx
    Grandfather-in-law, (68(?)): INFP 8w9 So/Sp (cool as fuck)
    Aunt-in-law, (22(?)): ENFP 7w8 Sx/So (the most extraverted person I have ever met...)
    ex-Grandfather(?), (68(?)): ISFP 8w9 Sp/Sx (highly integrated to 2)
    Grandmother-in-law, (54(?)): ISFJ 2w3 Sp/So
    Aunt-in-law, (20): ESFP 7w6 So/Sx (loves to bake, loves people)
    Uncle, (32): INTJ 3w4 Sx/Sp (the biggest badass I have ever met; awesome with the ladies)
    Uncle-in-law, (41): ESTP 8w7 Sx/Sp
    Youngest cousin (male), (8): ESFP 7w6 Sp/Sx (kind of young to type)
    Older cousin (male), (20): INFP 4w3 Sx/Sp (pretty much classic emo)
    Oldest cousin (female), (22): ESFP 3w2 Sx/So

    Best Friends:

    (already described most of them)
    male, (20) ENFP 7w8 Sp/Sx
    male, (17) INTJ 5w4 Sx/Sp
    male, (17) INTP 5w4 Sx/So
    male, (15) ENFP 7w8 Sx/So
    female, (18) ENFP 8w9/7w8 hybrid Sx/Sp (mmmm...)
    male, (17) ENFP 4w3 Sx/Sp
    male, (18) INFP 1w2 Sx/Sp

    Other Friends:

    male, (18) ENFP 3w4 Sx/Sp
    male, (18) INTJ 1w9 Sp/Sx
    two males, (15 and 17), INTJ 5w4 Sp/Sx (are a part of an intellectual friend group with the INTJ 1w9 above)
    male, (18) ENTP 7w8 Sx/Sp (excellent use of Ne and Ti, but hard to tell if he is really Si inferior as opposed to Fe inferior; integrated to 5)
    male, (16) ESFP 7w8 Sx/So
    male, (14) ENTP 7w6 Sx/Sp
    female, (18) ENFP 2w3 Sx/So
    female, (15) INFP 4w5 Sx/Sp (Fi/Si loop, but still also "mmmm...")
    male, (16) ESTP 7w8 Sp/Sx (no doubts on this whatsoever)
    male, (17) ENFP 7w6 Sx/Sp (kind of 'out there')
    female, (17) ENFP 7w6 Sx/So
    male, (17)ESFP 7w8 Sx/Sp (big time pot head right here lol)
    male, (18) ENTP 9w8 Sx/Sp (highly integrated to 3, likes to humor people)
    male, (18) ESFP 1w2 So/Sx (crazy Christian moralist, but he is integrated to 7 and likes to have fun within his beliefs)
    male, (18) INFP 7w8 Sx/Sp (completely kick-ass)
    male, (18) ISTJ 6w5 Sp/So (good guy, but the most helpless person I have ever met...)
    male, (17) INTP 8w9 Sp/Sx (kind of hard to describe... doesn't say a word unless you talk to him, and he's really, really chilll, until someone fucks with him)
    male, (18) INTP 5w4 Sp/Sx (highly disintegrated to 7 and completely lost in his own world, arrogant, somewhat sociopathic; he likes to talk to me because it seems like I'm the only one who will listen to him)
    Enneagram: 6w7, phobic
    Tritype: 6-9-2
    Instinctual Variant: Sx/Sp
    Temperament: Pure Supine
    D&D Alignment: Neutral Good
    Political Stance: Solid Liberal
    Religious Views: Atheist

    Fi > Ne > Ti > Fe > Se > Si > Te > Ni

    "Forgiveness means letting go of the past." ~ Gerald Jampolsky
    "I am justice!" ~ Light Yagami, Death Note
    "The choices people make tell you a lot about a person, but the reasons [...] tell you even more." ~ Albus Dumbledore (paraphrased)

    Tatiana ♥

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    Apr 2012


    Me: INFP
    Mother: ESFP
    Stepfather: ISFP
    Brother: ENTP

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    Me (19): INFP
    Brother (11): ISFP
    Brother (6): too young to be typed maybe some kind of xStx
    Mother (45): ISFJ
    Father (53): ESFJ
    Grandmother (69) + two uncles (40/43): ESFJ
    Boyfriend (20): ENFJ

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    Jun 2012
    3w4 sx


    Mother: ENFJ (My mum is the strongest parent at home, she has always made all the decisions regarding all the parenting stuff. She's the best mum ever, she's always there for us and she's very supportive, BUT she's also very manipulative (emotional manipulative), quite strict. We argue all the time, true to be told, because she always takes everything very personal and emotional, and I see things differently.

    Father: ESTJ (My dad is the most determinate man I know. Hard worker.. or workaholic. Very social, very structured, and norm-lover.)

    Sister 1: INFP (She's lives far away. Married deeply in love and had to go living abroad. She's very artistic, deeply smart, and fiercely determinate. She may disappears sometimes, but when she "comes back" she does something incredible sweet, and you forgive her)

    Sister 2: ESFJ (The loudest one. Sometimes I love her, sometimes she makes me feel embarrassed. She's talks way more than she should, but she's very funny too with her showtime.)

    Me: ENTJ (I'm the ones all my sisters talk to. They value my opinion, and they trust me. Even when I disagree with them. I have a very different relationship with each of them. With my brother we argue all the time, but we're very alike too. We share the same way of thinking, and the same kind of humour. We're ironic and perhaps a bit harsh, so all the F people really get mad at us sometimes. -Sister 2 and sister 3 are very alike too, but 2 is more sensitive and 3 is more passionate)

    Sister 3: ENFP (Hot tempered, pretty loud too. Full of energy, she experiments everything. She's very warm, very social and has a great charisma. She's gets pissed off really easily too.)

    Brother: ENTP (He argues all the time, with everybody (specially with me). He has a strong personality, and he "seduces" everyone to do things he should be doing himself. He's insensitive, he's always the one who makes the plans with his friends, he loves games and he's very competitive, and he's very free spirited. We're very much alike, except for the fact I'm more demanding with everything, and not so messy) Both of us have the most difficult relationship with our dad.

    I'm very interested in group dynamics with MBTI types. Not only with family, but with friends as well. Is there any thread about it besides this one? I couldn't find any
    Last edited by Yami; 06-24-2012 at 02:06 PM.

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