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    Not confirmed unless I say so, just based on best guesses.

    Mom - ENFJ 1w9
    Father - INFP 9w1
    no siblings

    Stepmom - ISFJ (confirmed)

    Grandmother (Dad's side) - ISFJ or INFJ
    Grandmother (Mom's side) - ?
    Grandfather (Mom's side) - ??FJ who tried to appear xSTJ

    Female friend #1 (since I was young) - no idea... ISFP or ISFJ maybe
    Female friend #2 - INTJ
    Male friend #1 - ISTP
    Male friend #2 - eNTP
    Male friend #3 - INTP
    Male friend #4 - INFP
    Have not worked on typing others yet.

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    5w4 sp/so


    Mom: ESFJ
    Dad: ISTJ
    Sister: ESFJ

    Closest friends (not in any particular order): INTJ, ISXJ, ENFJ (*2), INFJ
    Enneagram: 5w4 5-9-2 (5w4 9w1 2w1) sp/so

    "Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." - Greg King
    The worst mistake people make in political arguments is assuming that the other side is not trying to do the right thing. This simple oversight makes productive conversation nearly impossible.

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    5w6 sp/sx


    Mom: ENFJ
    Dad: ESTx
    Sister: INTP
    Brother: ISTP
    Me: INTP

    Friend 1: ESFP
    Friend 2: ENFP
    Friend 3: ENFP
    Friend 4: ISFP

    Internet friend 1: ISTP
    Internet friend 2: IxTP
    Internet friend 3: INFJ
    Internet friend 4: xNTP
    Internet friend 5: ENTP
    Internet friend 6: ESxP
    Internet friend 7: ESxP

    Crush: Probably ESTP

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    I might've already answered in this thread, but can't find any posts by myself, so here goes again!

    Mom - InTJ
    Dad - ENFP

    Half-siblings (all of them were grown up and out of the house by the time I was born, so I was raised as an only child):
    Eldest brother - ISTP
    Sister (the middle child in her family) - eSFJ
    2nd older brother - ENTP
    Their mom (my dad's ex-wife) - ESTp

    High school:
    Best friend #1 - ENTP
    Friend #1 - ISFJ
    Friend #2 - ESFP
    Boyfriend #1 - unknown
    Boyfriend #2 - ENTP
    Boyfriend #3 - ISTj
    Boyfriend #4 - INFP

    Best friend #2 - ISTJ
    Friend #3 - ENFP
    Friend #4 - EnTj
    Boyfriend #5 - ENFJ

    Friend #6 - ENFP
    Friend #7 - INTJ

    Grad school (I'm in a field dominated by INFs):
    Friend #8 - INTJ
    Friend #9 - INFJ
    Friend #10 - INFJ
    Friend #11 - INFx

    Friend #12 - INxJ
    Friend #13 - INFP
    Friend #14 - INFP

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    5w4 sp/sx


    Mom - ISFP 9w1 sp/sx
    Dad - ESFJ 6w7 so/sp
    (younger) Sister - ExFJ (I'd guess ENFJ if I had to) 2w1 or 2w3 so/sx
    Me: INTP 5w4 sp/sx

    Friend #1 (haven't seen him in years, but we were best bros growing up, from years 3 to 17): ESTP 7w8 sx/so
    Friend #2 (similar to above, haven't seen him for awhile, an odd fellow): ENFP 6w7 sp/so (best example of an enneagram 6 I've ever known)
    Friend #3 (also a cousin, growing up I felt able to relate to him better than anyone): INFP 9w1 so/sp
    Friend #4: ISFP, or possibly an extremely nice ISTP. 9w8 sp/so (our interests are very similar; video games, extreme sports, exploring nature)
    (Girl) Friend: I'm guessing ISTP, 9w8, 5w4, 5w6, or 6w5, sp/sx. We also share many interests.
    The mind shows only what is near the heart - Elder Edda

    Ti>Fi>Ne>>>Si>Te>Se>Ni>>>Fe - LII - 5w4 sp/sx 5w4-4w5-1w9
    |R|cUeI - Phlegmatic/Melancholic - Mystic - Neutral Good

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    A window to the soul


    Dad - INTP
    Mom - INFJ
    Sister 1 - ENFJ
    Sister 2 - ISFP
    Sister 3 - INFJ
    Good friends: INFP, ISTJ, ISTP, ENFJ, ESTJ

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    Dad = ENFP
    Mom = ISFJ

    Sister = ISFP

    Recent family quarrel
    ISFP sister: If you bought some better clothes, you would look better. Why don't you buy them? Unlike me, you can afford.
    INTJ sister: The people I value don't care about my looks.
    ISFP sister: Your boyfriend would be nicely surprised if you look good.
    INTJ: He should be happy already. I'm not fat. (I shouldn't say this as this is the weak point of my sister).
    ISFP sister: Why do you say this? crying
    Some time passed...
    INTJ sister: Ok, got it. Let's go shopping.
    ISFP sister (still crying): I don't want shopping, I'm fat. Not even average but fa-a-a-t.
    Some time passed...
    ISFP sister: Sorry for this. I know you didn't mean it.
    INTJ sister: Didn't mean what?

    Best friend = ISTJ
    One more friend = ESTP

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    May 2010


    Me: ENFP (male)

    Mom: INFJ
    Dad: ISFP, (so balanced that he doesnt really seem like any type)

    Younger Sister: ENFJ

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    Anew Leaf


    Me: INFP
    Dad: INT^2P
    Mom: ENFP

    Mom's Family:
    Mom: ESFJ
    Dad: INFP
    Sister 1: ESTJ
    Sister 2: INFP
    Brother: INTJ

    Dad's Family:
    Mom: ISFJ (Her Twin Sister is ISTJ)
    Dad: XNTJ
    Brother 1: IXFP
    Brother 2: ENTP

    My friends:
    Bestest Friend for 17 years: INFP
    Best Friend for 16 years: ISFJ
    Good Friend for 12 years: INTP

    One Group of Friends: 2 married couples, the guys' youngest brother, and another set of brothers (not related to first group of brothers)
    Married Couple 1: ENTP husband + INFJ wife
    Married Couple 2: ENTP husband + INFJ wife
    Youngest Brother: ENTP (I totally have a secret crush on him)

    Brother 1: INTP
    Brother 2: XNTJ

    Other group of friends: 2 married couples
    ENTP husband + INFJ wife
    INFP husband + E^2XFP wife

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    I believe I posted in this thread a while back, but let's try this again...

    Dad: ISTJ. I have difficulty seeing Te in him... but he reminisces ALL the time. He's always saying... "hey that reminds me of," "you know, when I was little," "this song was from when I was," "right here there used to be this one store," etc. And I really don't think he has much Fe. Sure, he's nice and polite to strangers, but that's about it.
    Mom: ISFP or ISFJ... She's definitely not that structured and she doesn't use Si as much as my dad, but she has quite a bit of motherly Fe. ISFP is my first guess though.
    Brother 1: I used to think he was a very strong ESFJ, but he seems a bit more introverted now.
    Brother 2: ISTP or INTP... he's kinda hard to figure out though... I could be way off.
    Brother 3: ISFP, ISFJ... I'm really not sure about him yet.
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