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    I tend to gravitate towards NTs and INFs for friends. I have almost no S friends.

    My Mom has tested ISTJ, my dad I'm guessing is an ISFJ, definitely ISxJ. I respect them both immensely.

    My Mom is actually the one who got me into MBTI. She gave me the test when I was too young to read all of the words myself, and then i asked for another copy this year during break. I thought that I'd have changed a lot since I was that young, but my results were almost the same, except a lot more E.
    The probability that I was procrastinating when I was typing this post:

    P(have big assignment due) = 0.6
    P(posting on TypoC) = 0.2
    P(having big assignment due | posting on TypoC) = 0.7

    P(posting on TypoC | having big assignment due) = .......

    Eh, I'll finish it later.

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    Two Families..

    Mom: ESFJ
    Stepdad: ESTJ
    "Full Blood" Brother: ESTP
    "Half" Brother: ISTP
    "Half" Sister: ENFJ (I think)

    Dad: ENTJ
    Stepmom: ESTJ
    "Step" Brother: INFJ
    "Cousinish" Sister: ESFJ
    Most of my best friends are the people I work with, and they break down like this:
    ESTJ x2
    ISFJ x2

    We're a decent mix of people actually, but we work pretty well together. Type conflicts really don't happen often.. though sometimes others get upset because I can be kind of forgetful when it comes to including others in planning. I've made a special point to do so so people don't feel left out.

    My best friend is an IXFX (I've got him pegged INFJ, but the N and J are very slight. He definitely has INFP tendencies.)

    And I'm an INFP. I get my N from my dad and my F from my mom, and my I and P from myself! Both of my step parents
    "Can you set me free from this dark inner world? Save me now, last beats in the soul.."

    Fonewearl and proud of it!

    I (85%) - N (80%) - F (35%) - P (90%)
    O: 94% C: 18% E: 21% A: 94% N: 38%
    9w1 (SP, SX, SO)
    (9, 5, 4)
    RCUAI (Primary Calm)

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    My Family:
    Me: INTP
    Dad: ESFJ
    Mum: INTJ (Many misunderstandings and clashes with this pairing).
    Younger Brother: Introverted Feeler (Not sure if he has intuition or sensing yet, leaning toward intuition though).

    On my mum's side of the family:
    Nanna: ESFJ (My mum has always said that she married her mother!)
    Pop: ESFP
    Aunt: ISFP

    On my Dad's side of the family:
    Grandpa: ESTJ
    Grandma: ISFJ
    Aunt: ESFJ
    Aunt: ISFJ
    Uncle: ISTJ
    Uncle: ESFP
    Cousin: INTJ
    Cousin: ISFP

    My Friends:
    Best Friend: ISFP
    Others: ISTJ, ISFJ, ISFP
    (Unfortunately I don't know many Ns)

    I seem to get on really well with ISFPs, I wonder if this is common to other INTPs. They make me laugh and get me to do silly things I would never do on my own, but they also understand the introverted need for quietness and contemplation.
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    Me: Infj
    Father: Infj
    Mother: ESFJ
    Brother: INTJ
    Sister: ENFJ

    This mixture of personality types has brought many hardships to my end..
    "People often Find out the truth, when its too late!!!"

    Introverted (I) 78.79% Intuitive (N) 61.54% Feeling (F) 65.85% Judging (J) 60.53%

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    Mother: INFJ - she took the test and she is an INFJ to the life.
    Father: INTP - he didn't take the test but it's obvious as hell.
    Brother: INFP - I have to make a wild guess here. Sometimes he comes across as a T.
    Me (the youngest): INFP.
    Cat 1: INFJ
    Cat 2: ESFP - i figure since the pets were brought up in the same environment as my brother and i, and by the same parents, it might make some sense.

    Mother's mother: ESFJ
    Mother's father: I can't tell for sure, but an ENxJ.

    Father's mother: INFP
    Father's father: I hardly knew him, but I'm guessing INTP for some reason.
    I 78% N 62% F 62% P 67%


    Do you want to see the Indian sun?
    It's shining into my green eyes,
    Dappling my fur a patchy brown,
    Brightening up my spotty white.


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    Father: ENFJ

    The typical French armchair intellectual. He's a seducer, brilliant and smart. His mood may vary deeply, sometimes he's sweet as honey, and other times he's all rage and anger. Comediante, tragediante...

    Nonetheless, I'd say I'm blessed to be the son of such a smart and famous man. I owe him a lot. He has a very wide network of acquaintances too!

    As a father, he was not always home (since he had many affairs outside his marriage), but yet, in the same time he was extremely caring and affectionate. He was the one who would change my diapers, and cuddle me whenever I saw monsters under my bed.

    Now, well, it's pleasing to have discussions with him about Musil, Sartre or Spinoza. He's very worried about my laziness and lack of ambition, but in the same time, he's in awe with my general intelligence, or so he says.

    Mother : ISTJ

    Very cold, neurotic person. She's always afraid to "touch" somebody, even her own childs. She also has a tendency to speak without noticiing or taking into account what's going around her.
    She has a very dark mood too, and doesn't understand humor.

    It's not possible to talk with her outside religious matters. When she has an idea, it must be implemented immediately.

    She never says "hello... goodbye... please" to anybody. She only gives orders.

    Older Brother :

    My brother is perhaps the guy I would trust the most on earth, especially because I know he's my opposite in every domains. He's reliable beyond belief. He's not as "intellectual" as me, and suffers from a hidden inferiority complex towards my father and me. He's impulsive, secretive and very protective.

    He's smart somehow, but not brilliant, and so far his lack of creativeness has prevented him to become the writer he dreams to be. I wish him the best of luck nonetheless.

    He can be jealous, he's obsessed with what people thinks of him, but he's a good brother as a whole.

    Elder aunt (sister of my dad) INTP

    She's the real brain of the family. Even my father fears her, because he knows she's the only one that could outsmart him whenever they discuss phenomenology or poetry.

    I owe her a lot too. She's ruthless, incredibly selfish and manipulative, she has no ethics whatsoever, but her intelligence and creative skills are simply astounding. She was elected the best student of France when she passed her aggregation (=PhD) of philosophy. Sartre noticed her, and that's how she presented him to my father.

    She's mostly lesbian, but had some men in her life nonetheless.

    Within the family, I'm her prefered nephew, because she thinks I'm the only one amongst the new generation that is worth her, that has inherited some real creative skills. As a consequence, whenever I try to visit her (she doesn't live very far away from me), she offers me dozens of books each time, saying I'm the only one who would truly read them.
    "A man who only drinks water has a secret to hide from his fellow-men" -Baudelaire

    7w8 SCUxI

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    I'll add to mine, I didn't read the "friends" part.

    INFP - Awesome friend she's really easy to get along with and so very very unique

    ESTP - Good friend that lives an hour away from me, he is insanely smart

    ENFP - A true friend thats always there for you

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    Me: INFJ
    Mom: ENFJ
    Dad: IxTJ
    Oldest Sister: ISTJ - we clash a LOT
    Younger Brother: He's a mystery...ISFP?
    Younger Sister: ESFP

    Married an ExFJ

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    My parents are together, but my Ma is my Dad's second wife, so I have three half-siblings who are far older than me (but still feel like siblings nonetheless)

    Mother: ISFJ - A beautiful person who deeply cares and I would gladly walk through fire for - whilst driving me totally nuts with her naivety and neuroticism.
    Father: INTJ - He is a total genius, and can be a total tyrant. Love our idea-exchanging sessions, hate the occasional arrogance he displays.
    (Full) Brother: ESTJ - We can have a lot of fun together - but just don't get each other. As kids there'd be fur and feathers flying, but it has gotten better with age.
    (Half) Brother: ENTP - The one I arguably get along with best of them all, and the one who appears most similar to me. As a kid, I would get so excited when he'd come visit (after he moved out) We've grown apart with age, but are like excited schoolkids swapping stories and ideas when together.
    (Half) Brother: INTP - He is such an enigma to me. Lived on the other side of the globe for a good portion of my young life, and have yet to figure him out. We get along really well, however.
    (Half) Sister: IxxJ - She's the oldest and whilst I love her to pieces - I didn't grow up with her, nor am I around her all that often, seeing as she has a family of her own. Thus, her type is still somewhat of a mystery to me other than those two prominent letters.

    I'll just list my nearest and dearest of friends.

    ESFJ - My best friend. Who I love, and who loves to drive me crazy. His 'S' is not altogether that prominent, and we can debate theoretical things for hours. (He does tire of it far quicker than I and tends to prefer if it has practical application, however) Have similar general interests with opposing opinions on the specifics.
    ESTP - Best friend from high school. Has taken us years to get to the level of comfort we are now, as initially we did not get each other. We can appear very similar - but actually could not be more different. She's also one of the very few females in my immediate friend circle, we both tire of drama that comes along with most chicks, I guess.
    ENFJ - We can talk for hours, and he makes me laugh like no other. He is the biggest drama queen, but can also be quite rational when he sets his mind to it. We have a public love-hate relationship, but seriously adore each other under all the mocking.
    ESFP - My drink/playmate. I could never be angry at him, he is quite possibly the singularly most charismatic human being on the face of the planet - plus, he genuinely CARES. I had the biggest thing for this guy for ages. We get along like a house on fire and talk about CHEMISTRY. Pity he prefers his ENFJ boyfriend (see above)

    We'll stop there.
    Got quite a wide range of types in my life, huh?
    I seem to surround myself with other extroverts - but it's not that I don't like introverted types!
    It's merely that my passion lies in performing, and the 'E' types are mainly the ones you'll find on the stage.

    On the flip side, almost all of my exes were 'I's.

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    4 sx/so


    Me: ISFP
    Mom: INFJ
    Dad: INTJ
    Half Sis: ESTP
    Brother: ENFP
    Brother # 2: ISTP

    Best friends:


    My family is pretty kick butt. I don't think I could have asked for anything better. I've heard an ISFP or two talk about having a hard time with their INFJ parent/relative. I was a bit surprised at that. I'm closer to my INFJ mother than I am to anyone on the planet.
    "To find beauty in loss, hope in darkness."

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