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    Mom - ExFx? - Very good at knowing when something is wrong. Gives lots of hugs when she feels its her duty to 'be there' but essentially wrapped up in her own social life for the most part. We don't argue much, she's content to let us develop our own ideas and isn't really confident enough in herself to take a stand on abstract ideas (though she likes discussing them) but she'll dig in her heels hard if her morals are challenged. I usually felt like I was taking care of her instead of the other way around.

    Dad - ISTP - Calm, humorous, did not even finish 9th grade but creates machines that are astounding and has a better understanding of physics and chemistry than some college grads. Has been seen as cold and uncaring because he can't remember birthdays or school concerts unless hounded mercilessly and then doesn't really see them as very important. Becomes very gregarious and nutty when drinking and has a stubborn streak that his two former wives could not deal with. I don't believe I've ever had an argument with my Dad, we get along extremely well, with a kind of surreal understanding of what the other is going to say next. He's very non-confrontational.

    Sister ENFJ - The 'peacemaker' and 'therapist' of the family, she wants to help, help, help everyone and feels dismayed when she can't fix things. She's the only one of 4 daughters (so far) to get married and have two children. (She's not the eldest) Discussions can become heated between us when I make flippant remarks or give an 'I don't care' response to something she seriously wants to resolve, but we are very close. She needs constant re-affirmation that she is loved and appreciated.

    Sister INFJ - The one I know the least about as far as personal views and agendas, she is the typical 'mysterious' INFJ who keeps a lot to herself but has intuitive understandings of what is going on and how things will effect everyone. She's very careful to take everyone's feelings into consideration (maybe too much) but is comfortable and confident in herself and her ideas. We rarely argue, and when we disagree she just shuts down and refuses to discuss the topic any further... which usually happens very rapidly and prematurely in my opinion. (Often when I'm just getting warmed up )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty_Mountain_Rose View Post
    Sister ENFJ - The 'peacemaker' and 'therapist' of the family, she wants to help, help, help everyone and feels dismayed when she can't fix things. She's the only one of 4 daughters (so far) to get married and have two children. (She's not the eldest) Discussions can become heated between us when I make flippant remarks or give an 'I don't care' response to something she seriously wants to resolve, but we are very close. She needs constant re-affirmation that she is loved and appreciated.)
    I first thought my sister was an enfj, but i just didn't know the type enough to tell. I'm starting to really lean towards enfj after what you said about your sister.
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    Dad estj (never a problem I got on great with him -I read that the estj type is sometimes called the gaurdian - and that was the role he played - he worked long and hard for the family - had a strong sense of duty, was smart as hell and very very funny. He was very rigid in his opinions and very conventional (except for his quirky sense of humour) but somehow it never mattered - he never insisted that we shared his views.

    Mum esfj - strong minded, pushy - well loved in the community - church goer extraordinaire - highly conventional - very proud of us - very extrovert.

    Sister esfj - very extrovert, very funny, charming, family peacemaker, emotional, clever, party goer.

    Brother esfp- rebel, wild child, emotional, funny, friend to everyone - including other rebels and lost souls.

    me infp - quiet, serious, book worm, occassionally rude and quietly rebellious - especially to Mum - into every 'cause'.
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    ENTJ dad
    He and I are on the same wavelength pretty much all the time but his ENTJ characteristics are much more pronounced than mine are. He's more talkative, decisive, and insensitive than I am. He has his sentimental streaks at times, but he doesn't seem to know when blunt, direct advice or "toughening up" isn't the answer. Like me, however, he's more of a moderate and can see "the other side" of most issues. Conflicts don't arise between us very often, and we get along very well. I've seen myself grow into his example as I've gotten older.

    ISFJ mom
    We're.. not on the same wavelength at all, but that's okay. She gives step-by-step instructions for preparing a meal when I'd rather know something holistic about the entire process so I can see the connection between the steps, for example. Lives very much in the past, hates change, and seeks out like-minded company. She can get passive-aggressive and assume things, and I can see controlling tendencies in her. I love her tendency to want to help me, but I've got too much of an independent streak to let her do what she wants at times. We do conflict at times, but I always reassure her with an apology when I feel that I was wrong.

    ENTJ half-brother
    I think he's even more ENTJ than my dad, somehow. Our debates are all in good fun, but he accuses me of being a fence-sitter and indecisive, when I just view myself as a moderate who can see value in different positions. If I take any pro-Republican stance, he'll assume that I hold all of their positions too, for example. There's a huge generation gap between us so we don't talk too often (we both love a good intellectual discussion though), but I've got no qualms about our relationship.

    ESFJ sister
    Unlike my mother, she lets her emotions out rather than holding them in. She can be very, very friendly when she wants to be, or she can be angry and irrational. At least she realizes when her emotions are affecting her, and she can usually deal with them accordingly. I consider her to be one of my best friends.

    ENTP brother-in-law (married to my sister)
    Also another one of my best friends, I can relate to him pretty well. He's very relaxed and easygoing compared to the rest of us. Conflicts arise in their marriage when he doesn't plan ahead or when she doesn't think he's going to plan ahead. It's apparent that he's starting to "develop his J," though.

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    I am better with typing according to Enneagram...

    ENTJ Father. (Enneagram 8) Rock of Gibraltar type. Enigmatic and maverick-al. Aloof but don't ever mess with his family. Dad is who you go to when all of the chips are down... he will spring into action. Otherwise, not one to 'baby' you through the tiny ups and downs of life. The most tenacious person I know.

    INFP Mum. (E9) One of the most beautiful, strong, accepting and nurturing people I have known. Whilst my father was outwardly strong, it was my mum who was really much stronger in my opinion. She could love someone through anything. Very resilient. A rare lady.

    ENFP Brother. (E4) OMG I admire the hellz out of my brother! He is the proverbial golden child, first born son. I was never envious of him, I would just stand back in wonder. LOL. Good at almost anything he does. (Crap with finances though, lol, but it's endearing. ) We have always had the most awesome relationship. I can talk to him about anything.

    INFJ Me. (E4) Middle child!

    INFP Sister. (E1) hmm, I sometimes wonder if I have typed her correctly according to MBTI, you would think I would know by now. Very strong willed, doesn't give up or give in easily about the things she cares about. Love her dearly but we clash about some basic tenets. Think conservative 'bohemian' (me) -vs- highly principled standard bearer (her), lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    entps are random. and ur nickname \ picture doesn't sound too entpish, except if intented as a sick joke

    wait, was it a sick joke?

    a joke? maybe...
    but why sick? there's nothing sick in here....

    by any chance, did you mean enfpish?

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    Mom - ISTJ - she's incredibly emotionally volatile and takes out whatever bothers her on everyone around her. she needs to get exactly her way to the dot. If you disagree with anything she says, it's because you hate her (in her mind). She treated me like shit as a child because I reminded her of her slacker asshole ENTP dad. She can't understand my way of thinking much at all. But she's very intelligent. Unfortunately she just uses it to manipulate everyone.
    Dad - INTP - we get along extremely well and always have, but he's a bit of a pussy and never stands up to my mom. He's usually very quiet and withdrawn because it's his way of protecting himself for the world. He's incredibly intelligent (a genius I would say), but doesn't use his intelligence much in his everyday life except for his job (real estate investor). I really like talking to him because he always understands everything I say immediately and can add some cool insight, but I'm kinda pissed at him for never protecting his children against his crazy-ass wife (and he should have divorced her long ago)...
    Brother - ENTP - he agrees with everything I say, pretty much always (3 years younger). He's funny, but somewhat of an arrogant asshole. He's a smart little fucker, though. We have interesting conversations, I guess, but he never disagrees with me, so they end up being a bit short (unless I disagree with him, and then I explain why, and then he agrees and it ends anyway).

    But yeah, I'm the only F, and an FJ at that, so I end up feeling like I'm protecting all of them all the time. They don't really get that part of me or see it much... My mom feels like she does everything for the family, but she really has no idea...

    Also, I think I understand people in a way that most of them don't, so it's hard to talk about people-oriented stuff, which is a big part of my thinking...

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    Very introverted, as in devotes the vast majority of her time to the family and the house, and doesn't tend to see other people much. Cares a lot about outward appearances. Can get stressed easily and lays guilt trips on the rest of us when in the mood. Cares a lot about the family, but shows it her own way, usually in caregiving actions. Isn't always capable of really understanding someone's point of view. Can jump to conclusions easily. Hard to deal with and reason with if in a bad mood. But otherwise can be very motherly. Doesn't try to understand me, just lets me be (usually).

    Pretty passive, gives in to my mom a lot. Basically avoids conflict, is content in simple pleasures. Can be a bit scary when angry though--but relatively rare to see. Earns the money--smart mathematically without trying to be but lacks 'common sense' in the words of my mother. 'Lazy' in the words of my mother. I'm just like my dad, in the words of my mother. Tends to stay quiet and out of things a lot. Can be hilarious without knowing it. Often oblivious to everything. Understands me more than my mom or sister, but doesn't understand my crazy moods.

    + 6.5 years on me. Responsible and studious. Not as bright as me , but makes up for it all by being really hardworking. Able to ignore distractions. Tends to stay out of family conflicts, and focusses a lot on her work. Very interested in social business. Not as fun as I expect someone in their young to mid twenties should be. We get along if there's nothing stressing us out, but there are times where I'm sure I hate her guts. Is pretty dependent on my mom, but sometimes insensitive to other people's feelings. Can be condescending to me, because she's my elder. Difficult for me to relate to, but usually open to conversation.

    Typical angsty teenager who feels like her family just doesn't understand her No seriously, I'm pretty useless in this family at the moment. I'm usually quiet at home or ignored, if not throwing a tantrum and stressing about school.

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    Me - INTP
    Aloof, slightly weird (Giggling to myself, rotating objects in my head, typical clown)

    Partner - ISFJ
    Fun, quiet, orderly, down-to-earth. Keeps me tethered to earth as I have the ability to float away sometimes in a big gust of wind. Good cook and cleaner too! He sometimes doesn't get my humour which is good. He isn't overly emotional so I don't need to placate him with affection......I'd rather do it when I feel like it too (in a nice way)

    Dad - ISTP
    We get on very well. Much better now we're both older. He has learnt to open up a bit more and I find we have much more to talk about - usually about sports, family etc. If I need some common sense I go to Dad

    Mum - INTJ
    Mum could take over the world if she really wanted to. Now she's middle-aged she has learnt not to be such a walking timetable and has developed her P a bit. It is an unusual dynamic that I will go to my dad for emptional advice and mum for some logic - but it works. If I want to have a long completative talk about a random subject it will be with her....usually about taking over the world. She goes ahead and does it where I go back to playing SimCity

    Brother - ENTP
    Life and soul of the party. He knows instantly what is about and how to get people to do his bidding, but in a jovial prodding way not a manipulative way. He is a complete waste of space when it comes to work and is rather lazy. As he still lives at home with my parents he can be a bit tiresome for both of them and soaks up dad's cash like a sponge.

    Sister - ESFJ
    Complete pain in the arse. We are cordial with each other at the best of times. She is manipulative, but in a bad S way that is obvious for all to see. Always complains about not being "looked after" or feels unloved but does nothing to rectify it herself. Always the victim, always right. We often argue and don't speak to each other for periods. I find her unreasonable and she finds me unreasonable too....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ENTJ greed
    ENTJ dad
    ENTJ half-brother

    Three ENTJs in one family.

    Did you guys take control of all your district yet?

    It has to be really fun some way or the other

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