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    5w4 sx/sp


    this looks completely random, but it will be interesting to see what the data reveals, if anything:

    mother: ESFJ (tested)
    father: ISTP (guess)
    sister1: ENFJ (?)
    sister2: ENFP (tested)
    me (yougest): INTP
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    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    Dad ESFP
    Mum ESFJ
    Self ISF J/P borderline
    Sister 2 ESFJ Unsure
    Sister 3 ENTJ
    Sister 4 ESFP Unsure

    I read somewhere that type was inherited just like hair colour.I must have been a throw back to one of my grandparents.
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    Mother: ESFj
    Father: IntJ
    Brother: eXtP
    Me: INTj

    Grandfather 1: INFJ (guess, unhealthy - perhaps because of the war)
    Grandmother 2: EXXP
    Grandfather 3: EXXP
    Grandmother 4: ISFJ (guess)

    Get along best with brother or father (but not when they are together, major clashes that get out the worst in them, the amplified J in my father is absolutely impossible).

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    mom -> INFJ
    dad -> INTJ
    me -> ENFP (sux being the only P)
    sister -> ESTJ (poor kid)
    half brother -> INTJ
    "Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. "

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    Dad- INFJ
    Mom- ENFJ
    Me- ENFP
    Sister- INFP

    For some reason we all seem to have some sort of intuitive feeling about what each other is feeling... haha

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    All best guesses:

    Mother - INFP
    Father - INTJ (possibly but I think he may have had a personality disorder anyway)
    Brother 1 - INTX
    Brother 2 - XNTP (or XNFP with weak F)
    Me (F, youngest) - INTx

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    Mother: ISTJ
    Father: not a clue (?)
    Oldest brother: INFP
    Next brother: ESTJ
    Me (youngest): ISTP

    The ISTJ mixed with the INFP are a complete disaster together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arandur View Post
    Me (female): INTJ
    Mother: ISFJ
    Father: ENTJ
    Sister (younger): ENTJ

    I had them all take an MBTI test online in my never-ending quest for knowledge

    Ha, I did this too:

    Me: INTJ

    Mother: ISTJ
    Father: INTP
    Sister: INTJ

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    Default Your family's types and interactions

    I'm curious about the dynamics between types within a family. As we all know the relationship you have with your mother, father or your sister isn't going to be the same that the relation you have with the rest of the world.
    First the relation you have with the father\mother duo is assymetrical, and you can't actually choose to go away in times of troubles for financial, emotional and pratical reasons.

    Then come the siblings, the relation you'll share with your 10 years old brother won't be the same than the one you share with your all grown up 30 years old sister, even if this kind of relationship is still much more symetrical than the child\parent one.

    Anyway, here's some dynamics and impressions.

    My father: ESTJ :
    Frequences of conflicts: ++++
    reason: control freak?
    Force of conflicts: ++++
    reason: Won't let me do or think my way, didn't hear about democracy, huge ego on both sides.
    Efficiency when working together: -
    reason: Is capable, intelligent but his obsession over details and my 'whateverism' don't match well, helps me with some method but his lack of flexibility wastes alot of time.
    Unsuccesful strategies: Trying to open him to new idea, especially about religion will result in him screaming and considering he's right whatever my arguments are, then rambling about it like a child all day (booring).
    If history and tradition were always right we'd still live in caverns damn it.
    It's a constant fight of wills, he won't give up his principles, I find them stupid and irrational. He's very tradition oriented, I live in the present and don't care much about whatever happened past the purely pratical\informative aspect.
    Succesful strategies: being the perfect child so he keeps paying for my studies.

    Momma :ISFJ
    Frequences of conflicts: -+
    reason: I'm a slacker and she cares. Moms you know
    Force of conflicts: ---
    reason: never a 'real fight', lets people live, is my mom.

    Notes :She's very, maybe too accepting of my extreme laziness, worries about me whenever she thinks something is wrong. Will buy me little presents from time to time.

    Older Sister 1 (+4years) : ISTP
    Doing things together: Will organise stuffs for me, I will try to look like I'm helping.

    Older sister 2 (+14years): xNFx
    Conflict: Wants cohesion and harmony within a group, therefore some minor conflicts may rise if I overstep boundaries by arguing too much.
    Doing things together:: Will check on me, be helpful and try to provide solutions.
    Is too generous with me, I never give anything back yet she keeps being nice. I'm planning on buying her something awesome if i'm rich one day.

    Older brother (+12years): ENFP\ENTP
    Conflict: none what so ever.
    Working\doing together: Lets me do things my way and simply checks my ideas to see if it makes sense. Helps in a very pleasant non controlling way.
    My idol, have always been my model in life, the cool big brother taking me on rides in his red fiat 500. Always sleeping over at friends place. Took him years to really get into professional life, is now the hard working type. As a teenager I got depressed, wasn't so outgoing anymore, yet everybody would always tell me I reminded them of him (wierd, I know). People still do.
    Is always late, so am I.
    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

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    ... In theory.

    “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”
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    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    Older sister 2 (+14years): xNFx
    Conflict: Wants cohesion and harmony within a group, therefore some minor conflicts may rise if I overstep boundaries by arguing too much.
    Doing things together:: Will check on me, be helpful and try to provide solutions.
    Is too generous with me, I never give anything back yet she keeps being nice. I'm planning on buying her something awesome if i'm rich one day.
    I wonder if my younger ENTP brother views me this way. I've certainly tolerated huge, heaping, steaming piles of his experimental, Devil's Advocate bullshit out of sororal love. The arguments are rare but in the past have culminated into terrifying Ni/Ne Kung Fu battles.

    Occasionally I am forced to karate chop his brain in two when his belligerence gets out of control and he's obnoxiously spraying his Ne in people's faces (especially at family social events where his carelessness can undo my carefully orchestrated peace), but which he seems to recover from remarkably well. Occasionally he has karate chopped my heart in two and the result was ICY, enduring, (((echoing))) silence.

    Other than that, we love each other!

    I have an SJ mother... we have a desire to be useful/practical in common and nothing else. My SJ step-mother and I nod and hug at the appropriate points in time and pointedly avoid each other at all other junctures.

    My step-brother is an ISTP and avoids contacting me more than once a year for fear I'll learn something valuable/important about him. My probing nature has always fascinated and unnerved him. But he tentatively reaches out after several lunar cycles or so out of nostalgia, and though he won't admit it, necessity.

    My INTP father & brother and I get along famously, as well as my ExFx brother who has Asperger's Syndrome.

    In regards to my family, MBTI has been a most helpful tool.
    "The views of absolutists and purists everywhere should be noted in fierce detail, then meticulously and thoroughly printed onto my toilet paper ply."

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