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The one gender/type I have never met in person is a female INTP. I would love to hear anything about how they might differ from the males, if at all.
Well, I've scored in the male range on some tests.

Part of it is going to be the nuture factor, probably. My mother is an ISFJ and always tries to push me towards more of a housewife, submissive position. She was much more interested in teaching me sewing than Algebra, for one.

I never fit in with most of the people in school, especially in Jr. High. Our church, for one, had some gender-specific excursions that were somewhat stereotypical, and most of the girls seemed to enjoy them. I usually sat there wondering why 13 year old girls were wasting so much energy on boys. And I found most of the boys at that age to be immature.

I'm not sure about the differences as much. I'd hope I have more tact then some of the male INTPs I've observed.