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    Default Does type = ability?

    It seems I have been using type differently to many others, I envision your "type" or set functional order as a single layer, this layer is a person's most natural way of being, something they fall back on and feel comfortable with but beyond that, functional strength can be conciously developed in any way, right across the functions. So there will be a second layer which is functional ability and strength, this layer is influenced by training and practice.

    Being a Se dominant for example, will give you a headstart when it comes to Se strength but their is nothing preventing another type conciously developing skill and surpassing the Se dom in the skillful use of Se.

    To me frequency of use does not equal proficiency of use.

    So with myself as an example I'm an SP, yet I know for a fact that if someone of a different temperament were to be trained by a professional in say the martial arts from a young age, their reflexes and awareness of the immediate environment would be better than mine but their type would still have remained the same, regardless of the massive increase in the strength of their Se related skills.

    Does this seem right?
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    I see it as a mix of nature and nurture. Over the course of your life you have tended to rely on certain functions.
    Those functions have become strong and you have developed a strong neurological pathway in that area.
    So having that strength will provide you with a head start in certain activities.

    You can build strengths in other areas by building skills and gaining knowledge in areas where your functions are weaker but the pay-off will not be as great as if you had built on your natural temperament.

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    I don't think that it necessarily does. I'm an F, but I communicate in a very T way (especially online). I may have the preference for one, but the other is very useful to me and I have the capability to use it.
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