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    ENFJ Oh yes and obviously: Give a little whistle Every ENFJ wants a great excuse like a magic spell and orders from a fairy to tell people what to do.



    ENTP (Other SOAD songs too)


    Edit: Another INFJ one. Depicts the tendency to transform the self or perceptions rather than the environment.
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    All Inspired Tragic FP's- (at least all the FP's I know can appreciate it more than most)
    Plus it's rap and opera, a great combo. Very Fi lyrics.

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    My guesses for these are based on the lyrics and feel of the song and have nothing to do with the video itself for most of them.

    Lunatica - Who You Are - xNFx?
    You're never gonna feel
    You're never gonna heal
    You're never gonna know what's fake or real
    'Til you know who you are
    You're lying to your face
    And running in a race
    You're never gonna win 'til you find your place
    And you know who you are

    Blackmore's Night - Just Call My Name - xSFx?
    I’ll Be There in the night when you need me
    Just call my name
    I’ll be there close your eyes and you’ll see me
    Just Call My Name

    I don’t need to know the answers
    I don’t want to understand
    We were born to take the chances
    I know the truth when you hold my hand

    The Cruxshadows - Sophia - xxFJ?
    When life is left behind this isolation
    Cruelty and hatred have become
    The cause of those whose eyes are full of wanting
    The truth will still abandon none

    So you must carry this light into the darkness
    You shall be a star unto the night
    You will find hope alive among the hopeless
    That is your purpose to this life

    Beseech - Lost - INFP?
    Lost in myself I cannot feel
    Control I aim I stumble and fall
    Believing you that's why I lose
    Emotionless I'm falling apart
    Reaching for you but falling through
    Confused I am I'm losing ground
    Embraced by you in my own mind
    Holding on to the sweet beliefs

    Midnattsol - Desolation - xxFx?
    Say that you love me
    Say that you care
    I want you to love me
    To kiss me and hug me
    And I want you to never let go of me
    (I want you to never let go)

    Let it go, let it flow, let me feel free
    I never want you to go
    Let it go, let it flow, let me feel free
    I only want to be loved

    Kyrpteria - Somebody Save Me - IxFP?
    Outcast, alone, searching but never finding -
    I’d give my all for a trace of silver lining
    Yearning for someone, someone to end this misery
    But will that someone, anyone, ever come and rescue me ?

    Elis - Come To Me - IxFJ?
    Your traveled through the world
    Tasted its food and its love
    But never got satisfied
    You were always looking for more
    Out in the cold searching for love
    I say you don't have to search for love

    L'Âme Immortelle - Fallen Angel - xxFJ?
    We built up our own world together
    For our future I assumed
    I believed in what you said that day
    But was already doomed

    The more you've learned and grown
    The less you cared for me
    But I was too blinded by my feelings
    To see the dawning agony

    Xandria - In Love With The Darkness - IxFx?
    It will gently wash away
    The light of the day

    I'm in love with the darkness of the night
    I'm in love with all that's out of sight
    I'm in love with the magic of the moon
    And the darkness loves me, too

    Epica - Quietus - xNxP?
    See, hear the torture inside
    Devouring what was left of my pride
    You thought it's not going to happen to you
    Thought you could hide

    Deprived of my own innocence, denied

    The infinity of recurring torment
    Your comeuppance
    Dwelling in a mind, mixed up and
    Your regret has spread over the sea

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