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    Default Question on sensing functions

    OK, so I've been cleaning my neighbor/friend/SO's house for the past three or four weeks as his regular cleaning lady broke an ankle (and had surgery to repair the damage).

    I still don't do windows, but the original agreement to wash clothes/change the linens morphed over time to other things that need semi-regular attendance (in a perfect world).

    Which lead me to the observation that I could spend a week or two putting things to right. (Did you spit toothpaste all over this door? Why are there splatter marks all over the moulding in the bathroom? How much crap can accumulate on a windowsill before it's notable?) Forget my house - it's different when you're being paid to notice.

    What does this say about me (other than you don't ever want to clean my house)? Have any other NTPs noticed sensing going into overdrive when it's really brought to the forefront for one reason or another?
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    Maybe it's your tertiary Si comparing what the bathroom looks like now compared to what it looks like when clean?
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    Maybe you're not really an INTP, and have been caught up in the "joy of doing," as we SPs are wont to do. :P

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    I can't believe you agreed to clean anyone's house. I have a hard enough time with my own; I cannot imagine trying to take on someone else's.

    But I have had a similar experience when contemplating my own home. The vast majority of the time, I just don't see all that stuff. When I really try to focus on it, for whatever reason, I tend to get overwhelmed. Then I typically find something I need to attend to online or a book I need to read....then I feel better.

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    That sort of reminds me how I perk up when my exams are in less than 2 hours. xD

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