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    My personal list of awesome functions


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    Quote Originally Posted by niffer View Post
    Se and Si and Ni simultaneously without your head exploding would own all.

    Ne makes me annoyed of myself after a while.
    I missed the date and thought Niffer was back.
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    *Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason once accepted, despite your changing moods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    Ti: I don't like this function because it takes all the wonder out of life's mysteries. It's the function of the scientific method, which often gets on my nerves.
    Don't you think that's more Te? Te is the one that insists on objectively verifiable accuracy for measurable goals--Ti just enjoys problem-solving and doesn't really care if anything externally useful comes from it.

    And I have seen the word "scientist" associated with INTJ (a Te user) a lot more than INTP (a Ti user.)
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    Hmmmm....this is a toughy.....

    1.Ni: I love, love, love this about the way my mind works. To me, it's the most fun. I can be spontaneous with what I intuit (like coming up with a random scenario that will probably never happen), but most of the fun is exploring this random scenario to it's "end" (or something like an end). I love the introspection and insight that comes from Ni. It's super duper great!

    2. Fe: The connections with people, the warmth, the understanding, the ooey-gooeyness of being with others and just feeling's great! This is the part of me that often confuses my introvert. She likes alone time, but the feelings of people are simply lovely (even the sad feelings). It's what makes!

    3. Te: I love, love, love to plan and calculate. I derive a lot of joy out of this....secret I only tell my closest friends about. I love crunching numbers in my on road trips, for example: the distance I'm going, how long it'll take me, what is the maximally efficient route, how much gas would I be expending, what would that cost, how much gas do I have still in my tank since the last fill-up, how many stops do you think we'll make and how will that affect the time?, etc. etc. Then you throw Ni into the equation and all sorts of good stuff comes out.

    4. Ti: I like the processing and puzzle-figuring-outing. It's nice to take a situation, churn it around in my mind and objectively break it down every once in a while.

    5. Fi: My feelings are cool. They're important. They're great to reflect on (use that Ni on them) and that inward look at feelings in general is very useful. Personal ideals are good to reflect on, too. I like Fi, but do prefer Fe overall.

    6. Ne: Possibilities are fun to come up with...the sporadic aspect is amusing. In others, it's downright hilarious. Ne is useful in the T sense, but I don't really see how great it is in the F world. Ne is a lot like Ni, to me, without the structure. I guess that's why it's so far down on my list. Ni gives me curiosity, "aha!" moments and a constant look at what's possible, just in a less crazy form. I thoroughly enjoy Ne in others, but if I were to manifest it, it would drive me crazy.

    7. Se: This is grounding and fun at times. I feel like I'm flying around in my mind most of the time and it's nice to come down and have some real life fun (fun that exists outside of my head). However, I rarely end up feeling fulfilled with Se. It's like "oh man, I had a really good time, but something's just missing."

    8. Si: I don't particularly understand Si. Nor do I use it much. I suppose it's's just really, really not fulfilling. There's gotta be more to life than Si has to offer.
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    Ne, Te, Ti, Fi, Ni, Fe, Se (though nost useful), Si

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    I think people are confusing aspects of Si with part of Te. People are also confusing Te with the opposite of being a P. Te is just a method. It's a way of getting things done. Just because you're getting things done doesn't necessarily mean that you're employing Te in its greater sense. Remember, Te is often paired with Ni along with Si. It's not always about going by the book. That's STJ.

    Te is about objectives. It's about efficiency, strategy, and productivity. Planning. Step by step plans. It employs cold logic to place order in the external outside world. Some people miss the point of it.

    Anyway. I love Si because like Jennifer said, it allows me to remember the past in such great detail before "time eroded it." Even though something's gone, it's still alive in my head as if it took place an hour ago.

    Te fascinates me because the strategy. The productivity and the ability to get things done in a cold manner.

    Fi reminds me of the feelings that I try so hard to avoid as a result of Te.

    Ne is amazing for opening me up to possibilities and reminding me of things that Si is hindering me from seeing.

    As for the other 4, I couldn't care less about Fe. To me, it's fake. It's necessary at times, but to be nice just to be nice? What's the point? What am I getting by being nice if there isn't an end goal that it's being used for?

    Ni and Ti are far from use for me. I couldn't begin to describe them. Se? Uhh....Same thing.

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    On a scale of 0-100

    Ne: Current effectiveness: 70, desired effectiveness: 80

    Fi: Current effectiveness: 60, desired effectiveness: 75

    Te: Current effectiveness: 55, desired effectiveness: 75

    Si: Current effectiveness: 50, desired effectiveness: 75

    Ni: Current effectiveness: 45, desired effectiveness: 75

    Ti: Current effectiveness: 40, desired effectiveness: 75

    Fe: Current effectiveness: 35, when forced 50, desired effectiveness: 60

    Se: Current effectiveness: 25, desired effectiveness: 50
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    Ne: The function of curiosity, adventure, fearlessness, improvisation, possibility, metaphor, unexpected connection, of eureka moments, of wanting to understand without judging. The I'll-try-anything-once function. Yes, I'm preaching the secondary. Ne is all the things I want to develop more of in myself. (Although I realize some of these things do overlap with Ni and Se ...)

    Ti: I don't think I use this function very well, but I love the idea of it. The function of elegant theories, of logical coherency.

    Se: I love this function for its grounding effect. I can only use it in short bursts, but I feel so calm and content when I do. Dancing, enjoying a good meal, going to concerts/reveling in a good song, playing an instrument/singing, painting, drinking ... it's always refreshing to shut off my mind and live in the moment.

    Te: There's nothing romantic about Te for me, but I feel so proud of myself when I use it. Yay for planning and efficiency and not being a hopeless P! I also love TJs.

    Fi: My inner compass, my well-spring of empathy. I couldn't live without Fi. It's low on my list of awesomeness, though, because it's so deeply ingrained in my personality that there's nothing cool about it. I am Fi. Also, immature Fi users (which I was until recently ... and maybe I still am one ) are super annoying.

    Ni: I love Ni users, but I don't get this function at all (even though all the function tests I've taken say it's one of my strongest). As I understand it, Ni is the function of multiple perspectives/having a clear vision of how the future is going to turn out (I mean this in a non-psychic way)? I think Fi + Ne does a good job of mimicking this, though, which contributes further to my non-understanding of Ni. It sounds super awesome, though!

    Fe: The warmest function, the social function. The function of reaching out to and connecting with other people, of supporting them, of sharing yourself and opening up, of expressing emotion. Fe gives you a script for how to act in difficult situations. Unfortunately, I rarely know what the script is, and when I do, I still find it hard to follow because it never seems to do justice to what I'm really feeling. I admire proficient Fe users, but I suck at it.

    Si: OMG I HATE YOU SI!!! Ok, I actually really like Si in other people, and some of my favorite people are SJs. Si users have the most amazing attention to detail and an incredible ability to tell stories. I hate, hate, HATE Si in myself, though (and I have really strong Si ).

    Fi + Si is a deadly combination, IMO. I hate dwelling on the past because it's gone forever and never coming back and remembering it only makes me sad. I hate how Si's desire to stick with what it knows conflicts with Ne's desire to move onto something newówhen Ne and Si butt heads, my Fi gets torn to shreds trying to choose between them. Si is a useful function for me because I'm an aspiring writer and I need good recall of past experiences to write realistically, but still ... it's a fucking painful function to get wrapped up in.

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    Se is at the top of the list, and all the others add up together to be about half as awesome.

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