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    Default Emotional health and the MBTI.

    Most of us have seen profiles of each MBTI subtype. These profiles commonly show the type's 'normal', 'average' or 'ideal' behavior. What remains to be seen - or what I can find relatively little information on - is when we all go awry.

    How do you behave on a rough day, or when going through a taxing period in your life? Do you think that your behavior is common amongst your type, or do you deviate? What do you think of the idea of 'shadow functions' and how they impact your behavior? As an extrovert, are you more likely to go off and brood? As an introvert, are you more likely to lash out? Or do you delve deeper into your comfort zone, whatever that may be? Or something else entirely?

    Tell me about what you feel and how you act when under stress, sadness or are in another generally negative state of mind. Bare your fangs and give me your best snarls.
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    Don't mind me, I'm just waiting for interesting responses.

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    MBTI didnt help my emotional health. Further than that I will never go in all my life.

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