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Thread: ESTP vs ENTJ

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    back to the original subject -

    an ESTP doesn't have a problem of jumping into action without thinking about the consequences. they simply don't think too much. in a way that is good because if they have a good decision in their hands they are gonna reap the benefits.

    an ENTJ on the other hand needs a lot of reasons to make a decision. they have to see(and can see) all the ups and downs of jumping into action. as you see this will actually delay things. but when they finally do take action they almost always only get the benefits. of course there would be detriments. but they would always be less heavier than the benefits.

    ex - going to a party

    estp - if there is nothing else to do and if he/she likes the crowd, they'll go.
    entj - doesn't care who's coming, has to see whether he/she will be benefited.

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    ESTP - more dynamic. Physical presence is more dynamic.
    ENTJ - Stiff presence...kind of stiff around the neck. When they are athletic they tend to just work out the muscles that show (TE) i.e. big shoulders, chest, thick neck, scrawny legs - not all of them but all the ones I see online and who aren't me. Personally as an ENTJ I STUDY boxers so my workout has been adopted from ESTJ/ESTP types so I'm a little different in that regard but it's because I see the empirical evidence behind their power which lead me in that direction.

    Also, I am more of a performance oriented ENTJ rather than a looks oriented ENTJ because I have gone soul searching and refined my inferior feeling function to the point where I no longer do things for exhibitionist reasons - meaning lifting weights to look like a body builder.

    Rather I work out now to be strong like a mule and sit long hours at the desk to work and study.

    ESTP's tend to know this sort of thing intuitively as their intuition is geared to work off their sensation, like lebron james for example, who does all sorts of unique and full range exercises.
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    I keep reading about this ENTJ trait, however it escapes me rationally, the choice of direction.
    Meaning, if focused on appearance, and not intellect, what happens in debate?
    Respectfully, are the circles of engagement different?

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