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Thread: Type Shadowing

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    Default Type Shadowing

    How do you get out of the type shadow loop? Any links maybe?

    I think that after getting out of a traumatic situation that I was in for 4 years (I was depressed, lonely, stressed, had thoughts of suicide, and was very angry in that time), I think that all of the stress is being released. I think that I am type shadowing. I am fine tuning for efficiency, applying logic to things rather than being empathetic, and I can occasionally say some very insensitive things, afterwards I always feel like hell, especially if the person takes it the wrong way- I don't MEAN it in that way! My Te has taken the front seat for me it seems.

    So anyways, can anyone give me some advice? Does anyone know of a method or anything written about type shadowing? Something? It would be appreciated.
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    I don't have any formal information, but since when do I rely on something outside my own ideas?

    I would say embrace and refine the use of it. From what you said I do see benefits. Take those while rejecting the faults that come with it. The position you're in sounds like you are coming to balance since an INFP is usually lacking in the things you claim to be experiencing. The shadow can be unsettling because it is unnatural, but it is how we supposedly mature.
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    explicitly work on using your supposed-to-be-dominant functions...i wouldnt be the best person to ask how exactly unless its for a NeTi

    been there done that kinda deal over here

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