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    Default Checks and Balances

    I came across this interesting article on the Lenore Thompson wiki website. It describes how our top four type functions have built in checks and balances to attempt to prevent us from over-reliance on our preferred perceiving or judging function. It uses the example of the relationship between the US President (for Judgment) and the CIA (for perception):

    Checks and Balances

    I believe this would make a good topic for a lively discussion. Further examples or analogies might be the best way to shed more light on this idea.
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    Interesting article. Ties in well with Personality Page's personal growth advice.

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    It's an interesting analogy... but I never liked Thompson's idea of tertiary temptation overriding the auxiliary function nor her belief that in order to become "balanced" all you need to do is to develop your auxiliary. The shadows have their role in this as well.
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    But that ties in with Beebe, who calls the tertiary the "inflated" child, and it does seem to match what I can see in myself and others.
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