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    Hm, I can feel how it works for ENTP. I've seen the desire to standardize that kind of behavior, but.. true, it doesn't work quite that way. There has to be some excitement, some discord to feed the Ne with all the info.. but, there's the temptation to give in to the norms more.. finding the fine line of enjoying one's unrestricted creativity and being "regular" enough for the more stability-seeking individuals to understand.

    I can get where you're coming from, short.

    Uhh, I'm again in TypoC at 3:30 am! G'night, yall

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    Excellent question. You obviously have a clear understanding of your strengths and abilities, and are in a situation which is preventing you from using them to their full potential. This is very frustrating, as I know from personal experience.

    Even within specific MBTI types, we can only develop some of the abilities and strengths associated with our preferred type functions. Each function covers a very broad range of cognitive and behavioural abilities. It would be an unusual person who is able to devote the time and energy necessary to develop every aspect of, say, Extraverted Thinking. Real life circumstances mean that most people only get to develop a limited number of type-related skills and abilities (or in some cases, none).

    In other words, each of the 16 types only gets to specialise in some aspects of their natural type preferences. This goes a long way to explaining the obvious and somewhat bewildering differences between people of the same type. As we get older, it often become possible to expand our horizons and begin to explore undeveloped aspects of our type.

    I have a good awareness of my own strengths and weaknesses. In many ways, I am a typical INFJ. My dominant Ni is a constant presence in my life - it bombards me with insights, visions, commentaries, ideas and random tidbits on a variety of subjects. At its best, it gives me a glimpse of future possibilities with astounding clarity and accuracy.

    However, it is not a function that is commonly understood or accepted by our society, so I am forced to keep most of my insights and ideas locked away inside, until I can find some way of explaining them in a way which makes sense to others, or proving their validity by some practical application.

    Ni in conjunction with my auxiliary Fe, gives me extraordinary insights into the deep psychological forces which motivate or frustrate or confuse other people. If I am given permission, I am able to use this insight to help others truly understand themselves and to suggest how they can tap into their inner resources to solve problems or make new choices.

    Once again, in my daily life it is neither appropriate nor possible for me to share this knowledge with those who could most benefit from some sympathetic understanding and advice.

    So my basic INFJ strengths and talents - the things that really define me and make me feel worthwhile and even powerful - remain hidden and supressed most of the time.

    One reason why I love this forum so much is because it gives me an outlet for expressing my true self and sharing my insights and off-the-wall intuitions with like-minded people.

    As for your own situation; I have a suggestion for you. When we feel "stuck" in a situation, it means our dominant function approach is not working and we need to try something different. For alll types, the best way to do this is to turn to our auxiliary function. For you, as an ENTJ, this is Ni. Instead of using logic or analysis or any other Te-based approach, you will be better served by giving free rein to your Ni to dream up new alternatives and possiblities. There are many ways to do this, but they all require you to take some quiet time out so that Ni can work without distractions.

    To gain insights from Ni you might try some or all of the following:

    Pay attention to your dreams. Keep a dream journal so that you can remember them.
    Sit quietly and allow your mind to wander. Write down anything which may be significant.
    Take a blank piece of paper and write down whatever comes to mind. Do not censor or analyse the words until later.
    Meditate, in whatever way appeals to you.
    If you have an internal dialogue, use it to ask questions of yourself. We all have a variety of internal sub-personalities that perform different functions within our psyche. If asked politely, they may present themselves to you as an image or speak in a different voice. Ask for help and advice from these characters.

    In particular, you want to seek some feedback and advice on the nature of your dominant Te function.

    These are the sort of questions I would recommend:

    Fow what reasons does your Te function seem to be limited?
    Do you truly wish to develop your leadership potential?
    Which other arenas might be better suited to your talents and skills?

    I hope you don't mind my slip into "counselling mode", but as I said above, this is the sort of thing that I feel really allows me to express my own INFJ strengths.
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    With no problems.

    - Kate Bush

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    No, you're quite right; I've found my quiet time exceptionally insightful, perhaps because it is so rare. Even my free time is too attached to reality and doing to count as meditation or anything of the kind.

    First I thought, how I'm frustrated? But yes, I've had a passing feeling of something of the kind. Yet, I'm more sorry for my passed opportunities at engineering than leadership, though, as I haven't realistically considered myself for the latter jobs until last year, and I'm only considering them few years from now.

    But, the advice is good: Perhaps a person can find an alternate route to their goals with more of a broad thinking and the improved use of multiple functions. Less narrow-sightedness and happier life too, possibly. It's funny to see I practically forget using Ni.

    I've kept a diary and a personal plan in the past, but I stopped the practice when I got well and more busy with my life. I've thought of restarting the practice in some form.

    So, thanks for the advice.

    AH, do I want to develop my leadership potential? Yes, really. I've discussed this with a career advisor 2 years ago who noticed the trait in me. I'll aim to lead some small IT department in a few years, and perhaps random IT projects now and then, so yes I'm seriously trying to advance in that regard. My first move is to get the required know-how for my profession, though. I've been away from the IT sector for a few years, so I gotta catch back what I've missed. Will take a year or two.

    As for INFJ?

    As for being limited in providing personal insights, I guess the social norms for privacy limit the use of that. Moreover, anyone's communication is supposed to be taken for what it is, per norm. It's limiting the use of Ni-Fe insights to providing information for oneself, as opposed to communicating about such insights to others. Because of the small chance of error, and the untransferrability of the insights - thanks to the large S population - one is required to provide evidence.

    I can see how councelling works. Hiring manager, career councellor sound good opportunities too. But, as you said, one is not often in the position to choose the best profession for their strengths; so many will be searching the places to freely express what they are, freely do what they desire and just be what they are. Not a bad start for living a life.

    I think I find about 98% comfort in using my emergent leadership abilities to lead myself for now. One gotta find satisfaction in what they do in order to persist through the attempt.

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    Being ENFJ is limiting in the sense that I'm never letting myself go fully at any time. I'm really rather spooked by what I'd be like without restraint. I've seen ENFJs in that state and they SCARE ME. The levels of control, venom and manipulation. *head shake* We're like ENTJs only way meaner and caustic. I like to believe it's because we get tired of caring ALL THE TIME, so when we don't care anymore, it's hell on wheels.

    When I was a teenager, I was very angry and frustrated. Being Fe-primary is my weak point of entry - all you have to do is be emotionally brutal and I'll be walking it off for weeks. ENTJs don't seem to have this chink in their body armor.

    I feel limited by my need to verify that everyone is all right. "Everyone" *isn't* all right. That's an impossibility.

    I feel limited by deep distrust of my physical environment. Ni, to me, is no help there, and you can't "feel" your way through chopping wood or building a skyscraper with Fe.

    I feel limited by my stormy weather. My ENTJ gf Athena feels as if she and I are too much to handle. I tell her that's not true while feeling like it could be.
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    Hmm. I would say conformity. We're not like everyone else, but everyone else seems to think we're at their disposal for entertainment purposes. It's difficult to be extroverted and different as well for me sometimes.
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