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    Smile The Semantics of Compulsive Attachment

    PTypes - Idols of the Types

    We do not live in a world.
    We live in worlds.
    Hence universe (matching) systems do not exist.

    Parallelism is about correlation.
    We never strive to match.
    Worlds are about multiple meanings.

    The study of multiple meanings is semantics.
    Semantics is a way of an analogy.

    Look closely. What is behind the strive for attention?

    Compulsive attachment: Attention.

    Compensatory Narsissistic
    Compulsive attachment: Recognition

    What is the aversion of rejection?
    The fear of the dark.
    The aversion of obscurity.

    Children are sometimes afraid of the dark.
    What is at the top in their hierarchy of needs?

    And how to get attention?
    By histrionics.

    Some people never grow up.

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    We are dealing with the Church now.
    Caution is required.

    What is the object of our study?
    Is it the Church?
    Of course. The Church is the people in the Church.
    Unless we are talking about the building.
    This is not a lecture of architecture.

    I am an NT. The Rational.
    How I am seen by the Church?
    Not very favourably, I am afraid.
    According to the Church I am a power hungry individual.

    According to the Church to be an NT is a disorder. An illness.


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    PTypes - Anesthetic Personality Disorder

    PTypes - The Rationalist (choleric) Temperament

    I find this conception fascinating. I am struck and awed by the priestly ESFJ inventiveness. We should give him a Pulitzer for good fiction.

    The entire construction is magnificient. See how he manipulates Keirsey?

    Only the SJ comes out of the quagmire untarnished. But not entirely.
    The ESTJ is a little tarnished. Not much though.
    I expect a brother has been nasty.

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