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When I read the OP that's the impression it gave to me, that to deal with (unreliable, inconvenient) others is akin to cleaning up a nasty kitchen mess of some sort. And people are just that, messy.
Yeah. I'd have to agree with that.

Throw away all the preference straight-jackets and allow youself the (admittedly) disappointing realization that you just cannot rely on others to be....reliable. It's like grabbing two fisfuls of petroleum jelly and trying to catch a python. It seems to me at least that Typology is a good rough map of the character of someone's territory rather than a detailed topograhical study of the terrain. The map is not the ground. It is certainly helpful....but it still rests on the vagaries of human behaviour which it seems preferences can only inform not rigidly dictate?
It seems so. I figured out that I couldn't do that with MBTI long ago, but I realized that I had become interested in it originally because seeing it sparked the thought of a way to clean up that mess.

I have enjoyed your informative posts on Type over the last couple of years that I've been here. From my (limited) perspective you have always offered informative and helpful responses to forum members queries. When I have read you though, I find that despite your knowledge you seem to be somewhat remote from practical human interaction? You're somewhat isolated? I did not intend to offer an insult to you, just a practical observation...I believe you are a valuable member here....Although I'm pretty sure I don't share your Preferences, I have spent and lost a fair amount of time and resources trusting in the consistent nature of others...and I see some aspects of my own former rigidity (a great liability) in your post.
I would say I am rather isolated. In fact, I haven't gone outside in a few months, or had any interactions much more complex than dealing with a package delivery or letting someone in to repair things. Before that, the extent of my interaction was mostly with teachers and people I worked on group projects with, and maybe an occasional store clerk. I just never really got into the whole "interaction" thing that most people obsess over (and I never had any of it forced on me)... don't really know why, I guess it just didn't matter to me until I noticed that it was limiting my opportunities severely and keeping me from doing anything I hadn't already done before... and by then I found it too intimidating and confusing to even want to deal with it.

I've always found dealing with people in a formal or deferent fashion to be easy (in fact, it's easier for me than some other people I know), but I find that everyday casual behavior freaks me out to the point that I avoid people. Because I just don't "get" it.