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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    So I guess...


    I dunno, this is all kinda weird. I feel both attracted to (within myself) and actualized by most of the active functions in me.
    I - Always in you, but its understanding can previously come from outer sources.
    It is the subject. The understanding.
    E - Doesn't have to be in you, doesn't have to be in others either.
    It is the source. A source of entertainment. A source of information.
    If that's really the case then I guess that's the order. Fi = Fe > Ni = Ne > Ti = Te > Si = Se?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemons View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    So what do I get? Do I win anything?
    Do you usually win something?
    From the motivation test I took today:

    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    You are very motivated by seeking reward for your behaviour. The offer of a reward (such as a promotion for working hard or winning a bet) will keep you motivated to complete difficult activities.

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    I desire to be intuitive moreso than I am intuitive, and the intuitions of others (if art is about "knowledge") are the most interesting thing to me. Rationality, shapes, forms, etc., are attractive to me but in practice I rely on intuition and feeling. I wish I could live in the moment, but I can actually only take it in short doses, so I'm not as interested in it as thinking or intuition. I'm cool with other people's feelings but if they are too overt or don't have enough rationality in them they occasionally piss me off, especially if they're directed at me. But I actually kinda pride myself on feeling rather intensely, even if I don't always wish that I did. In practice I don't really detach and rationalize all that much (only when necessary) and I'm not a sensor. At all. I fail at all things relating to noticing the world around me, paying attention to what I'm doing, etc.

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